What Are The Requirements For Women’s Formal Dress? How To Match Women’s Formal Dress Correctly

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Abstract: Women’s formal dress refers to the dress of suits and skirts, as well as dresses or two-piece skirts in formal and serious places. In these three types, each one should consider its color and fabric. The suit and skirt is the standard professional dress for women, which can create a strong image. Women’s formal clothes should be flat and crisp. Shirts should be mainly monochrome. When matching, we should pay attention to color, underwear, shirts and other issues. Next, let’s have a look with Xiaobian

what are the requirements for women to wear formal clothes

1. Dress code for tops

Women’s formal clothes should be flat and crisp, and less ornaments and lace should be used for embellishment. It is required that all buttons should be fastened when wearing

2. Dress code for shirts

Single color is the best choice for women’s formal shirts. Women should also pay attention to the following matters when wearing shirts: the hem of the shirt should be tucked into the waist of the skirt instead of hanging out, and do not tie knots at the waist; The buttons of the shirt should be fastened except the top one; When wearing a suit and skirt, don’t take off your coat and wear a shirt directly. Underwear should be worn inside the shirt and should not be exposed

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3. Dress code of skirt

Women’s formal dresses are mainly narrow skirts. Young women’s skirts can be selected, and the hem can be 3cm-6cm above the knee, but not too short; For middle-aged and elderly women, the hem should be about 3cm below the knee. A petticoat should be worn inside the skirt. Leather or imitation leather suits and skirts should not be worn on formal occasions

4. Clothes should not be too exposed or transparent

The size of clothes should not be too short and tight, otherwise it will give people a feeling of instability. Underwear should not be exposed, let alone worn outside. When wearing pants or skirts, do not show the outline of underwear obviously, and the shoulder strap of bra should not be exposed outside the clothes

5. Women wear silk stockings when wearing skirts and clothes

When a woman wears a skirt, wearing silk stockings can enhance the beauty of her legs. Women with thick legs had better choose dark socks, while women with thin legs are suitable to wear light socks. When wearing silk stockings, the opening of the stockings should not be exposed outside the skirt. Do not choose bright colored silk stockings with obvious patterns or grids. Women’s shoes for formal occasions should be high heels or medium heels

how to match women’s formal clothes correctly

1. Color

The best colors of professional dress are black, Navy, taupe, gray and dark red. Delicate checkers, prints and stripes are also acceptable. Be careful when buying two dresses in red, yellow or lavender, because their colors are too eye-catching

2. Shirt

The colors of shirts can be varied, as long as they match the suit. White, yellowish white and beige can match most suits. Silk is the best shirt material, but dry cleaning may be more expensive. Another option is pure cotton, but make sure it is starched and ironed smoothly

3. Underwear

Make sure the underwear fits well and the body lines are smooth. You should wear it properly and pay attention to the color of the underwear

4. Scarf

When choosing a scarf, you should pay attention to the color of the skirt. Scarves made of silk are better, while scarves made of other materials are not so good-looking when knotted or tied

5. Socks

Women should wear skirts with long tube stockings or pantyhose. The most commonly used colors are flesh color and black, and flesh color long tube stockings with long skirts and cheongsam are the most appropriate. Women’s socks must be of appropriate size. If they are too large, they will fall down, or appear high and low. In particular, women should not tidy their stockings in public, and the opening of the stockings should not be exposed outside the skirt. Don’t wear patterned socks because they will attract attention to your legs. Take a pair of spare transparent silk stockings with you to prevent the socks from drawing or jumping

6. Shoes

Traditional leather shoes are the best-selling professional shoes. They are comfortable and beautiful. It is suggested that the heel height should be mainly three to four centimeters. Don’t wear sandals, women’s shoes with heels tied or open toed shoes on formal occasions. The color of shoes should be consistent with the hem of clothes or darker. The color of clothes from hem to shoes is the same, which can make most people look taller. If the shoes are of another color, people’s eyes will be attracted to the feet. Neutral color shoes are recommended, such as black, Navy, dark red, gray or Taupe. Don’t wear red, pink, rose red and yellow shoes. Even in summer, wearing white shoes has social rather than business significance

7. Handbags and suitcases

Handbags and suitcases are preferably made of leather; Do not carry a designer label on your handbag. Women’s suitcases can be hard lined or soft lined. The most practical colors are black, brown and dark red. The color of the wallet should match the shoes, while the suitcase doesn’t have to

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