What Is The Meaning Of Swimming Cap? What Is The Wearing Order Of Swimming Cap And Goggles

Abstract: the swimming cap is actually very easy to understand. It refers to the cap that is specially used for swimming. When swimming, you can also wear goggles in addition to swimming caps. What is the order of wearing swimming caps and goggles? Generally speaking, there is no rigid requirement for the order of two. The line replaces the swimming cap, and it is more convenient to remove the swimming goggles; Wear goggles first, it will be more secure. Next, this article will briefly introduce the meaning of the swimming cap and the wearing order of the swimming cap and goggles. Let’s take a look at it together< p> I. what does a swimming cap mean

What is a swimming cap? It refers to a kind of hat that is specially worn on the head when swimming. The products are generally made by means of film pasting and molding and vulcanization in a vulcanizing tank. The types can be roughly divided into cloth cap, PU coated swimming cap, net cap, rubber swimming cap, silicone swimming cap, etc. It can be used to prevent ear shock and protect the head, effectively protect the hair, reduce the damage of the pool water to the hair, reduce the resistance and make the swimming speed faster

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II. What is the wearing order of swimming cap and goggles

The previous article has briefly introduced what a swimming cap is. In addition to a swimming cap, many people also wear goggles when swimming. Goggles are a kind of equipment in swimming. When used, they are tightly fastened to the eyes. They can see things underwater and prevent the water in the pool from entering the eyes. Therefore, they have become a necessary item for many swimming enthusiasts and have brought a lot of fun to swimming. Good goggles also have high-performance anti fog, 100% anti ultraviolet treatment, sealing function, and can protect eyes and prevent injuries. Do you know the sequence of wearing swimming caps and goggles

This order mainly depends on personal preferences. Most people wear a swimming cap and then goggles, which is convenient to take. There are also those who wear goggles first and then swimming caps. Goggles are not easy to fall off. It’s good to see which one you are used to

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