what kind of pants does the white sweater look good with?

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the sweater is a favorite dress for young people nowadays, and even many middle-aged people like to wear some sports brand sweaters. The white sweater is a versatile color, so what kind of pants does the white sweater look good with

what kind of pants does the white sweater match?

black leggings

the collocation between the white sweater and black leggings is a classic color collocation of black and white. It is very simple and looks very refreshing. No matter it’s a trip or a date, this collocation won’t go wrong


jeans are versatile in themselves, and so is the white sweater. The two kinds of versatile pieces will be more suitable together. So if you don’t know how to wear a white sweater, you must choose to wear it with jeans, which is not only not monotonous, but also trendy

wide leg pants

if your legs are not good-looking and a little thick, the wide leg pants are the best for you. Wide leg pants can cover your leg shape, and can be matched with fashion. Some fashion experts like to wear wide leg pants with a sweater. Wearing a pair of trendy shoes, they can go out of the street directly

tips on how to wash white clothes when they turn yellow

after the white clothes turn yellow, you can soak them in disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide or rice washing water, wait for the clothes to turn white, take them out for rinsing, and then dry them. Or you can apply lemonade and sodium bicarbonate solution to the yellow parts of the white clothes to remove the yellow spots. If the above methods are not effective, you can put the white clothes into fresh-keeping bags and seal them, Refrigerate

how to wash off the dyed white sweater

1. Try balm first! Apply essential balm to the polluted place and rub it to see if it is white

2. Use detergent. Some greasy dirt may be cleaned with detergent first and then with clean water

3. Use aged vinegar. Just like the above, use aged vinegar to smear on the polluted place and rub it to see if it is white

4. Wash with hot soap and water. The soap is dissolved in hot water, and the temperature should not be too high. Then put the dyed clothes into the bath for more than ten minutes and rub them up

5. Use salt. Wet the dyed part with water, apply it with edible salt, rub it gently with your hands repeatedly, and then clean it with clean water. New clothes should also be soaked in salt water before wearing. Because the carcinogen formaldehyde that may remain on the new clothes during anti wrinkle treatment – this is a peculiar peculiar peculiar smell on the new clothes

the white sweater is matched with the black leggings, which is simple and will not make any mistakes. White sweater is matched with jeans. Jeans and white sweater are all more versatile, and they are not monotonous and have temperament

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