What Should Women Pay Attention To When Wearing A Professional Dress? How To Wear A Business Suit Skirt

Abstract: women in the workplace are very particular about what they wear. Generally, women’s professional clothes are mainly dress suits, which can make them become spiritual. It will not only make the wearer appear smart, capable, free and easy and mature, but also foil the unique charm of women, which is elegant, quiet, delicate and charming. So, how do women choose a suit of dress that suits them? What should women pay attention to when wearing professional dress? How to wear professional dress? Let’s learn about it< p> I. what is a skirt suit

Among all the skirt style clothes suitable for professional ladies to wear on formal occasions, the skirt suit is the first choice. It is the abbreviation of suit and skirt. The upper body is a women’s suit and the lower body is a half skirt. There are also three piece suits, namely women’s suits, half skirts and vests

Skirt suits can be divided into two basic types. One is a “casual type” composed of a women’s suit top and a casual skirt. One is the “set” or “standard” type, which is designed and made in sets of women’s suit tops and skirts

II. How to choose a skirt

A dress for formal occasions should be sewn with high-grade fabrics. The top and skirt should be made of plain fabrics of the same texture and color. In terms of modeling, it pays attention to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses for those who wear clothes, so it is advocated to tailor clothes and pay attention to workmanship. The top should be flat, neat and close fitting, and less ornaments and lace should be used for embellishment. The skirt should be mainly narrow, and the length of the skirt should reach or exceed the knee

In terms of color, it is mainly cold tone, which should be fresh, elegant and dignified to reflect the elegance, modesty and steadiness of the wearer. Tibetan green, carbon black, tea brown, earthy yellow, purplish red and other slightly cooler colors are OK. It’s better not to choose the bright and eye-catching ones. Sometimes the top and skirt of the two-piece skirt suit can be the same color, or it can be two different colors, such as upper shallow and lower deep or upper deep and lower shallow, so as to form a sharp contrast and strengthen the impression it leaves to others

Sometimes, wearing the same color dress, you can use different colors of shirts, necklaces, scarves, brooches, scarves and other clothing to embellish, which is vivid and active. In addition, you can also use fabrics of different colors to make the collar, pocket cover, front and hem of the skirt, which can also make the color of the skirt look more active. In order to avoid appearing disorderly, a dress should have no more than two colors

For formal occasions, the skirt can be worn without any pattern, and it should be simple and concise. The skirt suit with the checkered pattern as the main pattern can make people move in silence and full of vitality. Some dresses with dots and stripes can also be worn, but they cannot use flowers, pets, people and other symbols as the main pattern. Don’t add too much embellishment to the skirt, otherwise it will appear messy and stingy. If you like, you can choose less and make exquisite and simple decorations

There is no clear regulation on the length of the jacket and skirt. It is generally believed that the skirt is short and unsightly. The most ideal skirt length is that the hem of the skirt just reaches the fullest part of the calf belly

For the super short skirt in the skirt suit, the skirt length shall not be less than 15 cm above the knee

III. precautions for wearing and matching professional dress

1. Moderate size

The shortest jacket can reach the waist, the longest skirt can reach the middle of the calf, and the sleeve length of the jacket should cover the wrist

2. Wear them carefully

Be well dressed. The collar of the coat should be turned over completely, and the cover of the pocket should be pulled out to cover the pocket or drape over the body; All buttons are fastened. It is not allowed to untie part or all of it, and it is not allowed to take off your coat casually in front of others

3. Pay attention to occasions

In all kinds of formal activities, women usually wear dress suits, especially in foreign-related activities. In other cases, it is not necessary to wear a skirt. When attending banquets, dances and concerts, you can choose the dress or fashion that matches this kind of appearance. In such a highly relaxed occasion, wearing a dress will make you “out of tune” with the scene, and may also affect the mood of others. Casual clothes such as casual clothes and sportswear are the most suitable for sightseeing, shopping and fitness

4. Dress should be coordinated

Usually dress up, pay attention to the uniform style of dress, make-up and accessories, which complement each other. When wearing a dress, you must maintain your personal image, so you can’t wear makeup, but you can’t wear heavy makeup. The choice of accessories should also be less, in line with identity. At work, it is OK not to wear any jewelry

5. Give consideration to behavior

The skirt suit can best reflect the feminine curve, which requires you to be elegant and pay attention to your personal appearance. When you put on a dress, you should stand firm and upright. You can’t stand with your legs apart and stagger. After sitting, be sure to pay attention to your posture. Don’t separate your legs too much, or tilt up one leg and shake your toes; You can’t even take off your shoes in public. When walking, you can’t run in big strides, but only walk in small steps. The steps should be light and steady. If you can’t reach something, you can ask others for help. Don’t try to be brave, especially don’t lift your toes, stretch your arms, or bend over and reach for it

6. Wear petticoat

When you wear a dress, you must wear a petticoat. In particular, if you don’t wear a petticoat with thin fabrics such as silk, cotton, hemp or light colored fabrics, it is likely to make your underwear “vivid”. The petticoat with breathable, hygroscopic, thin and soft fabrics can be selected, and it should be monochrome, such as white, flesh color, etc., which must be coordinated with the color of the outer skirt. Do not show any patterns. It should be the right size, not too fat

7, skirt waist

When wearing a petticoat, the skirt waist should not be higher than the skirt waist of the skirt suit, otherwise it will be exposed. Tuck the bottom of the shirt between the waist of the petticoat and the waist of the skirt over the skirt, and do not tuck it into the waist of the petticoat

8. Selection of dress shoes and socks

The shoes used to match the dress should be leather shoes, and black cow leather shoes are the best. Leather shoes with the same color as the skirt can also be selected. Socks can be nylon silk socks or wool socks. But bright red, bright yellow, bright green and light purple are best not to wear. Socks can be meat color, black, light gray, light brown and other conventional choices, preferably monochrome

When wearing a dress, consciously pay attention to whether the colors of shoes, socks and skirts are coordinated. The color of shoes and skirts must be deeper or slightly the same as that of socks. If a woman wears a pair of black socks when wearing a white dress and white shoes, it will only give people the feeling of having a pair of “crow legs”. No matter shoes or socks, do not have too many designs and decorations. Some shoes and socks added with mesh, wisps, beads, suspenders, chains, or printed with fashion patterns can only give people a superficial feeling

When wearing with a skirt suit, the style is also exquisite. Shoes should be high-heeled, half high-heeled boat shoes or cover shoes. Lace up leather shoes, T-shaped leather shoes, leather boots, leather sandals, etc. are not suitable for use. High stockings and pantyhose are the standard match with the skirt. Middle socks and low socks should never be worn together with the dress

In addition, shoes and socks should be matched in size and intact. Don’t wear it casually and don’t take it off in public. Don’t wear two pairs of socks at the same time, and don’t wear cropped pants and bodybuilding pants as socks. Some women like to take off their shoes when they are free, or in the state of half taking off their shoes. There are also some people who often take off half of their socks, or even take off their socks in front of outsiders. These are impolite habits

Do not expose the opening of socks. It is recognized that the opening of socks is not only lack of dress taste but also disrespectful. We should not only avoid this situation when wearing a skirt suit, but also pay more attention when wearing a slit skirt

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