what to wear under the protective clothing

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I believe it goes without saying that the protective clothing is a must-have dress for many young people now. It is very easy to wear on the body and it is also very easy to match. There are many ways to wear the protective clothing. So what is better to match under the protective clothing

what to match under the protective clothing

there are many kinds of matching under the protective clothing. For example, the protective clothing can be matched with pleated skirt, which is lively and lovely, and has a lifting effect. It is fashionable and thin. Or pair it with jeans, which simply reveals fashion. If you pair it with a pair of small white shoes, it will look youthful and lovely. In addition, the sweater is matched with the half length Hip Wrap Skirt, which is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, creating a very good visual effect. It is cute without losing the little sexy of women

matching of protective clothing

1. Matching with pleated skirt

matching with pleated skirt, the protective clothing is lively and lovely, and has a lifting effect. It is fashionable and thin

II. Matching jeans

matching jeans is a very simple matching method. It simply reveals fashion. Matching a pair of small white shoes will make you look young and lovely

there are several kinds of fabric for the

there are many fabrics for the sweater, among which the more common are pure cotton, silk, polyester, wool, etc. in addition, according to the thickness of the fabric, from thin to thick, it can be divided into terry cloth, fleece, lambskin, cotton, etc. When choosing a sweater, most of the fabrics are fabrics, and some of them are blended. In addition to fabrics, we also need to consider its style, color and so on

the pleated skirt under the sweater is cute to wear, which can reduce the age and lengthen the body proportion. It is very fashionable and thin. It is also a good way to wear jeans. Then, it is more cute to wear small white shoes. It is simple to wear jeans

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