How Do Women Of Different Shapes Choose Clothes? What Are The Matching Skills Of Women’s Clothes

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Abstract: in daily life, many women who know how to dress can use a set of ordinary clothes to create a slow sense of fashion, because they know how to use dressing skills to develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses, show their most perfect side, let the clothes cover up their shortcomings and reveal their advantages. Women of different shapes should wear different clothes. In addition, it is also necessary to learn some clothing matching skills, such as the clothing matching of high waistline, the combination of clothing and accessories, etc. Now let’s learn about women’s clothing matching skills

How do women of different shapes choose clothes

1. Clothes selection method with beautiful and small figure

Women with beautiful and small bodies should choose clothes with simple and smooth style. In terms of color, it is appropriate to have simple colors, simple lines and small patterns, and try to unify the color of clothing all over the body, including shoes and socks. Too many colors or strong contrast are not suitable. In terms of style, white high-heeled shoes should be worn, and the fabric with strong contrast with the clothing color should be selected as the collar, so as to prolong the body and add a little slender charm. Flared trousers with large trouser tubes and tops with too wide shoulders are not suitable. It is also not suitable to wear long skirts or low waist skirts, pants and heavy shoes, so as not to reduce people’s line of sight and expose physical shortcomings

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2. Clothes selection method for short and fat women

Those who are slightly short and fat can use clothes to create height: a single color can make the body feel taller, and the effect of choosing shoes and socks of the same color is better; Straight strip and single placket have the effect of increasing. Should choose plain or light small broken flowers and other fabrics; It is not suitable to choose shiny and bright clothing materials or large pattern colored cloth and plaid fabrics. Try to choose clothes with simple style and avoid all horizontal expansion lines. The collar can be V-shaped, which can make the short neck appear slightly longer

The top can be appropriately shorter to make the legs appear slender. Wearing thin, tight pants such as jeans can also make short legs grow. Don’t wear a skirt with a printed hem. Choose soft and close fitting fabrics, which can make your body look long and narrow

3. Short women’s clothing selection method

Women with short stature can make their stature appear slender through appropriate clothes: choose plain colored clothes more, even if you choose flowered cloth, you should also choose plain and elegant florets. The whole set of clothes, including shoes and socks, are of the same or similar color, and the visual height can be increased through the unified color. Choose V-neck, square neck and other neck types that show the neck, and avoid high neck or too cumbersome neck types. It is advisable to wear a long T-shirt style skirt, with a long and narrow body, which can make your figure grow. There should be no print on the skirt. The trousers with simple shape and long, narrow and close fitting can make the legs longer. Dark silk stockings and elegant high heels will make your legs look slender and moving

selection method of long and thin silk stockings:choosing long and thin silk stockings can make up for the defects of leg shape and skin: the length of silk stockings must be higher than the edge of the skirt, and there must be large room for it. If you wear a mini skirt or a straight skirt with high forks, you should match pantyhose. Those with slender stature and thin legs should choose light colored silk stockings, which will make the legs appear fuller. Those with thicker legs should choose dark silk stockings, and those with straight stripes are better, which will make the legs appear slimmer. Fat people should choose meat color to avoid darker color. Those with short legs had better wear dark skirts, socks and high heels of the same color. Varicose veins should not wear transparent stockings. A full set of black clothes should choose black socks with a sense of transparency. Fancy dresses should be matched with plain silk stockings

4. Hip rich women’s clothing selection method

Women with full hips should wear dark slacks, whose width should coincide with the hip circumference. It is inappropriate to be too wide or too narrow. At the same time, try not to wear a crisp and tight top. Those with sagging buttocks should wear pleated skirts with flat materials to cover the defects of buttocks, and must not wear cheongsam or cheongsam skirt

what are women’s clothing matching skills

1. High waistline

Waist line is very important for every girl, especially for girls with poor body proportion and petite figure. High waist line can greatly modify the body proportion, make the whole look more perfect, more perfect, and give people a sense of spirit and ability

2. Low lightness is higher than high lightness

Because most of our skin is yellowish and dark, it is difficult to control the color with high brightness and high saturation like foreigners. If it is not a girl with fair skin, it is really difficult to control this kind of yellow with rose red, but the brightness is slightly lower, like naked pink with gray buttock skirt, which is intellectually generous and full of high-level feeling. Another example is the extremely selective color of green, which is also difficult to control. It’s better to be fresh and clean than simple white. Besides, it’s fashionable and good-looking no matter how you wear it, and the key is not to be outdated

3. No more accessories

We all know that accessories can make the finishing point, but we can’t wear more accessories. A necklace full of neck and exaggerated Earrings look cumbersome instead. It’s not as good as a simple pair of earrings and watches, which are intellectually grand and super durable

4. Don’t be too tight

If you are a fat girl, then you must not wear too tight clothes. Tight clothes will expose your shortcomings. Tight pants will appear fat on the upper body, and expose the shortcomings of bad looking legs and thick legs

5. V-neck

If you are a girl with a thick neck and a little short, then you must try the V-neck. The V-neck can lengthen your neck and look slimmer. In fact, no matter fat or thin, as long as you wear the V-neck clothes, you will look very refreshing

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