How To Choose Swimsuits That Fit Your Body You Will Be The Most Beautiful Woman On The Beach

Abstract: when the heat wave blows, you can enjoy swimming by the pool, sunbathing on the beach, and even sailing! Have you got that swimsuit ready? Careful selection of swimsuits should pay more attention to their own characteristics. Fat bodies and thin materials can show their own advantages and characteristics by virtue of swimsuits. If you are still worried about losing weight and worrying about choosing a swimsuit style, and the bucket waist and belly will have no place to hide, take a look at this article on how to choose a swimsuit that suits your body< p> how do girls choose swimsuits in summer

swimsuits should fit naturally with the body. Only when you enter the water can they be as close to the skin. When shopping, pay attention to whether the chest is consistent with the cup. The cup cannot shift when the body twists. The shoulder strap should be moderately elastic. If your fingers feel too tight, change to a larger size. Pay attention to the firmness of details such as buckle, sling and lanyard. It will be embarrassing if they fall off after launching. Choose white carefully. White swimsuits will reveal the body color in the water, especially in sensitive parts

two piece style (split style)

two piece style is also called split style, which refers to a suit with separate tops and pants, including bikini style and general two-piece head style. Bikini, also known as three-point style, is undoubtedly the focus of all swimsuits, which is characterized by very few materials. You have to admit that bikini is indeed the most eye-catching swimsuit. If you have an arrogant figure and self-confidence, please don’t hesitate

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one piece (one-piece)

one piece swimsuit can be divided into shoulder strap and barrel. If you are a more traditional lady, a shoulder strap swimsuit with a waistcoat will be a good choice. The shoulder strap style can sometimes bring a little surprise to people, such as one shoulder and one head. In addition, the deep open chest and the winding swimsuit are the best decoration for the body shape with narrow upper and wide lower


tubular swimsuit is a unique existence. The body is like a tubular suit. With suspenders, it has high requirements on the body. This kind of swimsuit can reduce the transparency of the chest and hips, and the high cut bottom edge can make the leg lines appear longer. There is no doubt that the appearance of this kind of swimsuit has well protected the ladies who love swimming, and also set off your slender legs

three piece suit

three piece suit, as the name suggests, is a swimsuit suit, which consists of a bikini and a coat. The main advantage of wearing this suit is that it is more convenient. You can wear a bikini when you go into the water and a coat when you go ashore. If you don’t have such a good figure, but you can’t resist the temptation of bikini, then such a suit will show your beautiful figure even more

how to choose a swimsuit that fits your body

flat people

the “flat people” who do not have full breasts do not need to lack self-confidence in front of swimsuits. By choosing swimsuit styles with three-dimensional folds or ruffles on the front chest, they can make their bodies look fuller. It is best to avoid swimsuits with too simple styles or too single colors

pear shaped family

pear shaped body with thin waist and wide crotch is the most common among oriental girls. To modify this kind of body shape, you can try skirt swimsuits and split swimsuits. The hem of the skirt swimsuit can play a role of covering, and the split swimsuit weakens the contrast between the waist and crotch due to the division between them

hourglass family

the “hourglass” figure with convex front and cocked back is the dream of countless women. It is the most suitable for neck style split swimwear. It can not only highlight the full upper circumference, but also emphasize the rounded hips and highlight the sexy curve of the body

“H” family

for the “H” family with the same thickness from top to bottom, the one-piece swimsuit designed with high waist line can divert the focus of attention. If you are a skinny “H” shape, you’d better choose a swimsuit with a complicated and luxurious feeling, so that your body is no longer so thin

which swimsuits are fashionable and eye-catching


when it comes to the sexy index of summer swimsuits, bikini has always been the best. However, the wrapping of bodysuits makes them more of a different style, with a kind of implicit sexy

hollow out

the swimwear with hollow out design is mostly hollow out at both sides of the waist, which fully exposes the most beautiful and sexy waist curve of a woman. The sexy taste often reveals is no less than that of a bikini with less cloth. Black hollowing is a hot spot, and many brands have also developed hollowing to form a new trend of binding design

animal patterns

for several consecutive seasons, zebra patterns, leopard patterns, tiger patterns, giraffe patterns and other animal patterns have become popular on the T-stage, triggering a continuous trend of animal patterns. The degree of classicality is almost equal to that of stripes

fruit color

the trend of swimwear and fashion also converge. For example, the popular bright fruit color theme is also painted with bright colors on swimwear, which can not only brighten the depressed mood, but also highlight the sexy body if it is matched with a unique cutting. The candy color is also playing new tricks with the same hot animal pattern this year, which has a strong visual impact

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