How To Match Knitted Pants? You Can’T Understand Such Fashionable Knitted Pants?

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Abstract: knitted pants are far less popular than jeans and leggings, but in the eyes of fashion experts, knitted pants are also a necessary trend item in autumn and winter. Knitted pants can not only keep warm at all times, but the wool texture makes your legs more warm and protected. Next, let’s take a look at how to match knitted pants

how to match knitted pants

Knitwear pants should be the most suitable pants for winter. Knitwear pants are fashionable and warm, and can be stuffed with several autumn pants, which will not be found. It’s so practical that it’s explosive ~ distinctive personality style and super high comfort, so you don’t want to take them off when you wear them

I. black knitted wide legged pants+sweater+short down jacket+Muller Shoes / small white shoes

If you want to be the thinnest, choose black knitted wide legged pants, which are also versatile. It’s good to choose a sweater of any color for the top. It’s very comfortable and thin in winter. As for the inside of knitted pants, it will be cold in winter alone, so it’s good to match it with a black bottomed pantyhose. Wear a short down bread jacket outside the sweater, which is a super Korean style collocation. Slim and tall, fashionable and flying. Finally, just wear a pair of Muller shoes casually, and don’t worry about the short flats

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II. Caramel knitted pants+KhakiVcollar sweater+overcoat+cotton slippers

Speaking of caramel color, there is no more popular color this year. Caramel knitted wide legged pants are more fashionable. If you choose Caramel pants, then you should choose earth color for your coat, such as classic khaki. Khaki sweater is very good. You must choose a loose sweater with V-neck. If you are worried about the cold neck, you can match it with a beige high neck bottoming, so that you can look thin on the upper body, Long neck

Pants with excellent draping feel like this need to be matched with flat shoes to look good. Wearing a pair of woolen slippers at home is very popular this year. Even indoors, it makes you fashionable and not warm

III. oat colored knitted wide leg pants+off white slim fitting bottoms+white fur coat+small white shoes

Oat color is also a popular color in this winter. It is very foreign and looks very textured. If your leg shape ratio is good, then choose oatmeal color is good. The top is matched with a beige slim fitting base in the same color, and the outside is matched with a white fur vest. It looks like a combination of a very noble temperament. How comfortable the shoes are, small white shoes are good

IV. Khaki knitted Wide Leg Pants Set+long sweater jacket+Doudou shoes

If you think it’s too troublesome to match, just choose a knitted suit directly. Khaki knitted wide legged pants and khaki knitwear will look thinner with the same color. At this time, it’s good to wear a sweater coat outside, such as a black, dark coffee or caramel coat. Shoes, simple Doudou shoes are OK

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