How To Wash Pure Cotton Shirts

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pure cotton shirts are light and thin, comfortable to wear, breathable and sweat-absorbing, and rich in styles, which are suitable for a variety of collocations, so many people like to put a few pure cotton shirts in the wardrobe for wearing. So how to distinguish whether it is a real cotton shirt? It can be identified by looking at the label of the shirt, or by touching the touch and looking at the elasticity. Cotton shirts need special attention when washing, otherwise they will easily wrinkle and shrink, affecting future wear. What about cotton shirts that wrinkle easily? What if the cotton shirt shrinks? Come to know the cleaning and maintenance methods of pure cotton shirts with maigoo Xiaobian

features of pure cotton shirt fabric

pure cotton shirt has a fine, clean and soft cloth body, light and tight texture, less impurities on the cloth, good moisture absorption and moisturizing, and good elasticity and heat resistance. [fabric material characteristics]

is the pure cotton shirt good?

advantages of the pure cotton shirt:the clothes with pure cotton texture are particularly soft and comfortable to wear, and have good sweat absorption effect and strong permeability

disadvantages of pure cotton shirts:pure cotton shirts are easy to deform and fade after repeated washing, and the texture may also harden. If they are dried in a humid environment, they are also easy to mildew

Maigoo fabric editor believes that every fabric has its advantages and disadvantages, so we can’t generally say whether a pure cotton shirt is good or bad. We have to compare its advantages and disadvantages to know whether it is the one we need

selection and identification of pure cotton shirts

how to identify pure cotton shirts

1. Look at the label

Generally, the label of the shirt will indicate the fabric material used. If it is a cotton shirt, its fabric should be 100% cotton. Of course, the label is only a preliminary judgment, and some companies may cheat on the label, so we need to identify it in the next step

2. Touch

Pure cotton shirts are made of soft material, so they will feel more comfortable to touch. You can also try them on. Generally, pure cotton shirts with light texture and breathability are worn on your body

3. Look at elasticity

Cotton clothing is not very elastic, so if it can rebound after stretching, it generally means that its cotton content is relatively small

Which is better, pure cotton shirt or polyester shirt

the permeability and water absorption of cotton shirts are better than polyester shirts, but the strength of polyester fibers is better, that is to say, polyester shirts are easier to take care of. As for which is better, maigoo fashion Xiaobian believes that it also depends on the overall matching style. If you want a sense of art and freshness, choosing pure cotton shirts is certainly not bad, But if you want to be lean, choose polyester shirts

How to match pure cotton shirts

look 1. Pure cotton shirt + skirt + bow tie

When it comes to cotton shirts, the first impression is to be a good student, so use a cotton shirt with a Japanese bow tie, and then put on a pure color uniform skirt, which looks very student like

look 2. Cotton shirt + white T + jeans

Boys can try a light blue cotton shirt with a simple white T-shirt, and then wear washed jeans. It looks sunny and handsome

look 3. Cotton shirt + trousers / skirt

Pure cotton shirts can also be worn with trousers or skirts, but it should be noted that the texture of pure cotton shirts is relatively soft, so it is best to iron them before wearing them, so that the whole person will be more energetic

how to wash cotton shirts

first soak them in water containing detergent for 15 minutes, gently rub them, and wash the heavily stained parts with laundry soap until they are white, and then drain the water vertically and naturally

Buy buy net editor to remind everyone to pay attention: cotton shirts had better not be soaked in hot water, otherwise it is easy to cause clothing deformation. [laundry skills]

how to dry pure cotton shirts

be sure to dry the excess water on the clothes before drying pure cotton shirts, otherwise you will find that the shirts will become larger after drying. When drying cotton shirts, first flatten the clothes as much as possible, and then dry them until they are 80% or 90% dry. After taking them down and flattening them, put them in a cool place for air drying, so as to prevent more wrinkles of the shirts after drying

how to iron cotton shirts

Step 1: Iron cuffs

Untie the buttons on the shirt, then flatten it, iron the inside of the cuff first, then iron the outside of the cuff, finally fold the cuff, spray a little water, and then iron it flat

step 2: Iron sleeves

Put the sleeves of pure cotton shirts on the ironing table, and then iron the sleeves by rolling

step 3: iron the collar

When ironing the collar, it is usually ironed from the outer ends of both sides to the middle. After ironing, the collar is straightened, and then the collar tip is ironed into a certain arc

Tips: the ironing temperature of cotton fabric is 160-180 ℃; Cotton shirts can be ironed directly or after spraying water. [methods and skills of ironing clothes]

FAQ of pure cotton shirts

will pure cotton shirts shrink


Cotton clothing has a certain shrinkage rate, generally between 2% and 5%, but don’t worry too much, because as long as the cleaning and maintenance are proper, the shrinkage will not affect the normal wear

Can pure cotton shirts be machine washed?


Pure cotton clothes can be machine washed, but in order to avoid damage to the clothes, it is recommended that you put it in a laundry bag and then wash it with the gentle gear of the washing machine

How to deal with the wrinkle of pure cotton shirts

you can wash them by hand in cold water, which can effectively prevent the wrinkle of clothes. If you wash with a washing machine, you can put a little fabric softener, which can also play a wrinkle resistant effect

What to do if the cotton shirt shrinks

the shrunk cotton shirt can be soaked in baby shampoo for a while and then cleaned, or soaked in vinegar and then cleaned. After washing, wrap the shirt with a dry towel with strong water absorption to absorb water, and then hang it to dry to prevent it from being stretchedDetailed

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