Matching Skills Of Medium And Long Cardigans

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Abstract: what is the most annoying thing to wear during the changing season? If you stand in front of the wardrobe for half an hour, you can’t pick the right clothes? Now a long cardigan is enough for you. Because it is convenient and versatile, it is more suitable for four seasons in the south, and is deeply loved by women. Long cardigans can produce a variety of effects through hierarchical collocation. For example, matching T-shirts, shirts, and dresses can be beautiful and popular on the street every minute! Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction

matching skills of medium and long cardigans

I. match with T-shirt

1. Matching of long t-shirts

This is the most simple matching. The lower body can be simply matched with a pair of leggings. The original simple matching is enhanced by a long cardigan, which is not only casual, but also women’s gentle beauty. However, it should be noted that this long T-shirt is not suitable for women with short characters

2. Matching of short t-shirts

Short T-shirts will be relatively more popular and fashionable, and the types will be more abundant, such as the current popular stripe, lattice, solid color, and even navel T-shirts, but they are more casual in collocation. Leggings, jeans, shorts, and short skirts can be used. This collocation can make the legs look more slender, and it is also a great choice for short MMD. Basically, it can be said that this match is suitable for women of all shapes and ages

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II. Match with shirt

1. Denim shirt

Denim gives people a wild and tough feeling. The matching of denim T-shirt and long cardigan can be said to be both rigid and soft, which can create a strong sense of hierarchy. It is especially suitable for young women to wear when they go out to play

2. White shirt

It’s the same shirt. The matching effect of white shirt and long cardigan is completely different. The white shirt is matched with skirt or leggings through the lower body, and the combination of up and down can not only appear capable and fresh, but also match with various changeable effects

3. Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirt is undoubtedly a classic element that has flourished in recent years. The lower body can choose the current popular pencil pants or jeans. The matching of plaid shirt and long cardigan has the feeling of literary youth, full of cultural flavor, complements the current popular coffee culture, and is deeply loved by many fashionable white-collar workers

III. match with dress

1. Short term

This is a kind of matching that mm likes very much at present. Dresses and long cardigans are very female elements. This kind of matching can make MM’s beautiful long legs show off. Young women can easily create the freshness and vulgarity of the girl next door, while mature women can show their sexy charm by choosing different colors. But it should be noted that the skirt should try to choose the style of waist and body, so as not to appear bloated

2. Medium length over Knee Skirt

This kind of matching is relatively risky and suitable. It is very fashionable. Because it can brighten people’s eyes, it is the love of many star models, but it is easy to feel bloated if it is not matched well. It is recommended that women who are full or short should not choose it

important matching principles

No matter what kind of matching mm chooses, because the long cardigan itself is easy to give people a heavy feeling, the collocation inside should be as simple as possible, and too many decorations in the style will also give people a messy and cumbersome feeling

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