How To Choose Children’S Swimsuits What Material Is Good For Children’S Swimsuits

Abstract: there are many kinds of children’s swimsuits on the market. All kinds of swimsuits give parents a headache. Parents should know how to choose swimsuits, so as to ensure that they can buy swimsuits suitable for their children. From the three materials of swimsuits: spandex, nylon and polyester, the swimsuits mainly made of 18% spandex are the best. Therefore, parents should look at the material of swimsuits when purchasing swimsuits for children. In addition, the swimsuit is for playing. The most important thing is to fit properly. Don’t buy it too big. Let’s have a look with Xiaobian< p> what is the best material for children’s swimsuits

swimsuits mainly made of 18% spandex are the best. Do not buy swimsuits containing a large amount of polyester, especially one-piece swimsuits, which require very high elasticity of the cloth, otherwise you will be tied up when swimming

1, spandex fabric

now the best material for swimsuits is spandex. In particular, the requirement for spandex content is more than 15%, and 18% is the best. Such swimsuits are very elastic and can stretch freely with the movement of the body. When swimming, pay attention to the adaptability of the fabric to the chlorine molecular content in the swimming pool. The swimsuit made of the most popular three-dimensional elastic fabric in the world is most suitable for low-temperature water or swimming. Because this kind of fabric is more hollow, it is easy to keep body temperature

2¡¢ nylon fabric

nylon fabric is the material used in most middle-end swimsuits. It is a fabric obtained by blending or interweaving nylon filament or short fiber, which has the characteristics and advantages of each fiber. Nylon fabric is characterized by tenacity and durability, but its disadvantage is poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, reduced wet strength and easy to sag when wearing. Nylon swimsuits are of medium price. Of course, compared with spandex swimsuits, they are not elastic enough, but their toughness is very good. Because of its low price, it is also the most commonly used swimsuit fabric

3¡¢ polyester fabric

swimsuits made of polyester fabric have small elasticity and their limbs are easily restricted. Therefore, they are mostly used in split swimsuits with small area, which are not suitable for one-piece swimsuits. They are basically low-end products. This kind of material is rarely used alone, and most of it is used after mixed with spandex and nylon

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how to choose children’s swimsuits

generally speaking, when selecting swimsuits for children, the color is mainly bright, so that parents can pay attention to whether children are engaged in dangerous activities or enter dangerous areas. In addition, attention should be paid to the following issues:

1. When choosing children’s clothes for children, most people have the mentality of choosing a larger size because they consider the child’s fast-growing characteristics and the child’s comfort when wearing them. However, swimsuits involve the functionality of movement after launching. A larger Size Swimsuit is not only not close to the body and not good-looking for children, but it is more likely to be particularly loose because of the buoyancy of the water. Therefore, it is better to choose a suitable swimsuit for your child when shopping. Even if your child grows taller and fatter, you can still feel comfortable because of the elasticity of the swimsuit material

2. For young children who cannot control themselves due to urgency of urination, it is recommended to buy a split style that is easy to wear and take off

children before the age of 3 or 7 develop rapidly, so when shopping for swimwear, in addition to being comfortable and beautiful, we should also pay attention to whether it fits. If you are worried that the children will grow faster, the two part split pose will last longer than the one-piece block. The length of the swimming trunks of the little boys is only different. Little girls’ swimsuits are so cute and playful that there are so many dresses

children from 4, 7 to adolescence have obvious gender awareness. Boys should avoid buying too tight swimming trunks; Girls’ swimsuits should pay special attention to whether the crotch is too wide or too narrow, because too wide is uncomfortable and too narrow is easy to wear. And it is best to add a half layer of inner lining to the chest to avoid revealing the bust curve after launching

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