What Are The Characteristics Of Skirt Pants? How To Match Skirt Pants Correctly

Abstract: skirt pants are a combination of pants and skirts, with novel design. They are also a favorite item for many girls and children in summer. Compared with shorts and short skirts, skirts and pants are more designed. The trouser legs are in a circular arc shape, and the trouser materials are bright and colorful. Sometimes they are sewed with colored rolling strips for decoration. The method of matching skirt pants is very simple. It can be matched with suspenders, vests and high heels. Next, let’s take a look with Xiaobian< p> what are the characteristics of skirt pants

Skirt pants retain the advantages of pants, easy to ride, and have the elegance, romance, looseness and comfort of skirts. Generally, it refers to the shorts worn by track and field athletes or ball players. Most of them are sewed with elastic belts at the waist, and the hem is in a circular arc shape. The lower end of the side seam of the pants is slit or caulked with elastic needle braided rib. The pants are bright and colorful. Sometimes it is decorated with colored rolling strips. Now it has become the slacks worn by young men and women in midsummer, which is an integral part of life clothes

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how to match skirt pants correctly

1. Top

Skirt pants are more suitable for matching with suspenders and vests, which can greatly improve your waistline. Therefore, suspenders and vests are the best combination of skirt pants

2. Shoes

Due to the small size of the Oriental body, it is easy to be submerged in the skirt pants, especially some dark skirt pants. At this time, you need to use high heels to lengthen your body. Note that stilettos are not a good choice. Thick heels or wedge heels are the right way

3. Color

Skirts and trousers with high color purity and brightness must be matched with light color tops, and then put on high heels, even if the length is nine minutes, it will definitely lengthen. Neutral waistcoats and shirts are the most fashionable choices that are easy to match with skirts and pants. There is no lack of elegance in the handsome. Of course, if you want to match the wild and sexy taste, you can properly show your healthy skin, and the skirt pants will not make you feel light headed and heavy footed

historical origin of skirt pants

In Europe before the first World War, women could only wear skirts. If women dare to wear pants, they will be punished. French queen Katarina vonmedizi likes to ride horses. It is inconvenient to ride without breeches, but she dare not go against the customs. She came up with a combination – a long skirt over breeches. After all, wearing a long skirt over breeches is not a kind of clothing, nor can it be recognized by the society. However, with the reason of combination, then there is the creation of combination. In 1910 and 1911, three fashion designers in Paris, pachan, dereco and beshav Davide, combined skirts and trousers and invented skirts and trousers

The traditional clothing of the Han nationality in ancient China was the upper garment and the lower garment, which was the skirt. In the Wei, Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties, there was a split stitch in the middle of the lower garment, some of which were closed and some of which were opened, which was called “Yi”. In the Song Dynasty. Skirt and pants are women’s fashion dress. I don’t know when skirts and trousers were introduced to Japan and became Japanese traditional clothing

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