What Brand Is A Good Swimsuit? What To Buy For Swimsuit

Introduction read the swimsuit industry has a large number of brands in the market, and the product quality is uneven. Consumers will always face selection problems when purchasing, and do not know what brand to buy. How to choose SWIMSUIT? What brand is a good SWIMSUIT? What is more worth buying? Supported by the brand data provided by CNPP, Xiaobian carefully sorted out the swimsuit brands worth buying, and provided relevant swimsuit purchasing skills for your reference to help you select the desired swimsuit brand products. What brand is a good SWIMSUIT? Swimsuit brand recommended swimsuit where to buy better swimsuit brand shop swimsuit purchasing skills swimsuit purchasing precautions

swimsuit purchasing skills

swimming warm-up: you should warm up for 10 to 15 minutes to move your joints and muscles in various parts to prevent cramps caused by too cold water. If you bathe in warm water before swimming, you will not feel very cold. Because warm water bath (between 30-40 ¡æ) can take away part of the body heat, which will make your body temperature close to the temperature in the pool (usually about 27 ¡æ)

swimsuit shopping:

1. One piece swimsuit: an excellent choice for shy women

2. Flat foot Swimsuit: suitable for people with thin thighs; It is suitable for women who are unwilling to show themselves, but it will make their legs appear very short, so we should choose carefully

3. High waist Swimsuit: it is suitable for women with slight protrusion of the lower abdomen. It is best to match it with twills to achieve the effect of lifting the waist and diverting attention to achieve the effect of decoration

4. Skirt Swimsuit: suitable for women with flat hips, which can not only visually beautify the lines of hips, but also show the beauty of legs

5. Split Swimsuit: suitable for fashionable ladies. Ladies with good figure can choose from it

6. Large V-neck One-Piece Swimsuit: suitable for women with plump chest and fat waist and hips, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise the effect will be affected

7. Bikini Swimsuit: bikini is not the patent of women with good figure. Even if you don’t have a good figure, as long as you choose a suitable bikini, you can subtly cover up your shortcomings in figure and let you show charming charm. (pay special attention to style matching and color)

swimsuit maintenance:

1¡¢ After wearing the swimsuit, do not sit on rough objects; Do not touch the bathing suit with sun oil and sun lotion

2¡¢ After swimming: 1 Wash the salt powder, sand, and other corrosive substances on the swimsuit with clean water. Wash with mild detergent in lukewarm water. Do not use washing machine or bleach. 2. wash thoroughly; 3. do not screw it with your hands. Place the swimsuit flat on a dry towel, let the towel absorb the water from the swimsuit, and do not curl the wet swimsuit; 4. dry in the shade. Do not use a clothes dryer or iron; 5. store in a cool place after drying

swimsuit knowledge class &gt& gt;

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when purchasing swimwear, do not blindly follow the purchase because the price is cheap. Choose a well-known brand, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the after-sales service is guaranteed. Of course, the pursuit of brand is not necessarily the pursuit of expensive prices. We can choose famous brand products at different prices at different economic levels. Friends who choose online shopping goods should identify the flagship store of the brand, so as to be safe

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