What’s The Use Of Sports Tights? How To Match Sports Tights

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Abstract: a healthy life begins with persisting in exercise, and exercise naturally means putting on serious sportswear, which not only makes exercise more ceremonial, but also has many functions of sports tights. It can help us absorb sweat and breathe air quickly, and there is a kind of fashion with different collocations. How to match sports tights? The tips of sports tights matching are also very simple. Of course, the matching methods of different genders are also different. How do boys match sports tights? How do girls match sports tights? Let’s have a look

I.what’s the use of sports tights

1. Sports tights have many functions. First of all, they can enhance blood circulation and alleviate lactic acid accumulation. Compression clothing actually promotes local pressure and blood circulation by strengthening the body’s wrapping (Compression Tights with high tension are better), which can not only prevent lactic acid accumulation, but also help fight fatigue

2. Secondly, sports tights can reduce resonance. Sports tights and women’s sports bra have the same function. The resonance frequencies of human fat and articular cartilage are very close, and fat will shake around with the power generated by human motion, Produce the so-called “resonance”. The larger the fat volume is, the stronger the resonance will be, which will be harmful to the body. The wrapping of sports tights has a good shock absorption effect, reducing the vibration caused by sports. Especially for some people with high fat content, it can effectively avoid the damage caused by muscle vibration during sports

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3. Finally, sports tights can keep your body at a constant temperature, which is necessary for sports in autumn and winter. Winter sports are most afraid of “getting wet”. When you exercise in sweaters and autumn pants, your sweat clings to your skin. After intense sports, especially strength sports, your immunity will have a certain window of decline. If you “get wet” in the cold wind at this time, it is likely that you will catch a cold not far away. Muscle gain is most afraid of catching a cold. You can’t continue training and lose weight at the same time, and you simply collapse. Compression clothes have better sweat conductivity and permeability. After sweat is discharged in winter, it will dry on the surface of the clothes. At the same time, the clothes act as an isolation layer to prevent sweat from taking away body surface temperature when it is dried by cold air

II. How to match sports tights

1. Boys’ matching scheme of sports tights

1.1. Boys can choose to wear sports tights with a pair of sports shorts, the length of which is about a little above the knee. Pay attention to the matching of colors to maintain harmony and unity

1.2 it is also a good choice for boys’ Sports tights with casual slacks, which is not only convenient for sports, but also fashionable

1.3. You can also choose to wear beach pants. Many people who go surfing by the sea use sports tights with beach pants. In this way, even if the waves rush, it doesn’t matter

2. Girls’ matching scheme of sports tights

2.1. You can choose to wear sports tights, and then put a pair of sports shorts on the outside, which not only has a sense of hierarchy, but also looks fashionable

2.2. You can put on a sports coat outside. Of course, it is best to wear a sports coat, which can not only prevent wind, but also breathe and sweat

2.3. You can also use loose sweatpants or jeans to wear sports tights in a retro fashion

2.4. Finally, you can match a pair of coolsports shoes. The popular shoe styles in recent years are very retro, and they remain beautiful while exercising

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