Where Is The Length Of Tooling Shorts? What Kind Of T-Shirt Does The Tooling Shorts Match Well

Abstract: the overalls shorts are suitable for summer wear. They are mainly neutral and can be used to decorate the leg lines. If they are properly matched, they are very good-looking. When wearing overalls shorts, it is generally necessary to grasp the length. The normal length of pants is just above or just above the knee. The length of 10-15cm on the knee is more youthful and lively, which is more suitable for girls. When wearing overalls and shorts, the upper body is usually matched with T-shirts, which can be matched with plain t or printed T. girls can tie T-shirts with overalls and shorts to look better. Let’s take a look at what T-shirts look good with tooling shorts< p> I. do the overalls and shorts look good

Overalls can be worn in spring, autumn and winter. If you wear overalls in summer, it will inevitably be bloated and hot. For friends who love to wear overalls, you can try wearing overalls in summer

The tooling shorts are made of tooling materials. The texture is not hard or soft. The version is correct, and the main style is neutral. They are gentle, capable and cool. Especially in the aspect of slimming, the effect can be called a masterpiece. With the background of overalls and shorts, the leg lines are well decorated, which makes the legs look good as a whole

However, the color of tooling shorts is less, khaki tooling shorts are the most classic, and black tooling shorts are thinner. You should pay attention to it when you choose to match them

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II. Where is the appropriate length of tooling shorts

Grasping the length is the essence of the fashion of the tooling shorts. When wearing the tooling shorts, the length of the tooling shorts should be taken into account. It should not be too long or too short. In general, it is better to keep the length of the pants just exposed or just above the knee

If you want to try to feel more lively and youthful, you can appropriately try the length of 10-15cm above the knee, but don’t accidentally use too much force in the concave shape. Wearing overalls and shorts that are 15cm above the knee will look nondescript

III. what kind of T-shirt does the Work Shorts match?

Work shorts are worn in summer. When matching with tops, they are usually matched with T-shirts. There are many options for work shorts to match with T-shirts, and the following three are very suitable:

1. Plain t

Common tooling shorts include khaki, military green, black and other irregular splicing styles. It is easy to match any style of tooling shorts with plain T. black T-shirts, pure white T-shirts, bright yellow T-shirts and so on can be well matched

2. Printing t

Working shorts are a little dull. Matching with large-area printed T-shirts can make the whole look less boring. Printing elements can also modify the overall shape

3. Knot t

This kind of collocation is mainly aimed at girls. When girls wear overalls and shorts, they can try to tie a T-shirt on their upper body. The exposed skin area is wide. Basically, all the flat lower abdomen will be displayed, which is sexy and pure, and the femininity will be properly grasped

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