A Guide To What Golf Clothes To Wear When Playing Golf

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Abstract: when playing golf, a high-end and fashionable sport, you should wear it professionally and simply. Golf is not a violent sport. Golf clothes do not have to be sweat wicking, but should pay more attention to the function of sunscreen and UV protection. When playing golf, you should match professional shoes. Caps and sunglasses are also standard. Now let’s learn about the dress matching of golf with Xiaobian

golf apparel requirements

1. Men’s clothing

Men should dress correctly: golf shirts with collars and sleeves, shorts or trousers (the length of shorts should not be 2 inches above or below the knee), lace up golf soft nail shoes (socks are required)

Men’s incorrect clothing: T-shirts, vests, jeans, sports shorts or pants, tennis shorts, beach shorts, medium pants (Capris), steel spiked shoes, casual shoes, sandals, tennis shoes or sports shoes / running shoes

2. Women’s clothing

Women should dress correctly: golf shirts with collars and sleeves, trousers, skirts, or short skirts (the length of skirts and shorts should not be higher than 6 inches above the knee), lace up golf soft spike shoes (socks are required)

Incorrect dress of women: T-shirts, suspenders, tank tops, jeans, miniskirts, short skirts or trousers, tennis shorts, beach shorts, steel spiked shoes, casual shoes, sandals, tennis shoes or sneakers / running shoes

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what do you wear to play golf

1. Wear sports underwear

Girls must wear sports underwear, otherwise when exercising, not only the chest will shake and cause pain, but also easy to cause chest sagging. In addition, you must not wear underwear with steel rings. Underwear with steel rings will squeeze your chest during exercise, which is not conducive to breast health

2. Wear golf Jersey

Comfortable, light and fit are the principles of choosing golf clothes. Cotton fabric that can absorb sweat and ventilate is suitable. It is better to choose fabric with UV resistance function. Playing golf is not strenuous exercise, so you don’t have to choose sportswear made of easy to dry materials

3. Wear appropriate sneakers

It takes hours to play 18 hole golf, so choosing shoes is very important. There are two kinds of sneakers: leather and plastic leather, from breathable, waterproof, lightweight to stable

The most important components of golf shoes are the studs and the screw seat used to fix the studs. When purchasing, check whether the screw seat and screw are firm. Otherwise, improperly installed screws will not only shorten the life of the shoes, but also increase the pain and sports injury to the feet when wearing

Generally, players should choose shoes that are light and made of breathable and waterproof materials

4. Wear a ball cap

Playing golf is an outdoor sport with strong ultraviolet rays and dazzling sunshine. Wearing a ball cap with a wide brim can protect your eyes and prevent ultraviolet sunburn on your face

5. Wear sunglasses

If the outdoor sun is dazzling and affects your eyesight, you’d better wear a pair of sunglasses, which is more conducive to aiming and swinging

6. Wear gloves

Wearing gloves can prevent sunburn or club abrasion. Good gloves can also protect wrists. Gloves can enhance friction and help you master the direction of swing more easily

Golf gloves are mostly made of leather or non-woven fabric, and it is better to use composite materials. The palm part should be made of cow leather, the back part of the hand should be made of breathable and waterproof materials, and the wrist part is best designed in the way of wrist guard, which not only has the function of absorbing sweat, but also can play the role of wrist guard

It is best to choose gloves with a slightly larger size, subject to the five fingers can be easily separated, and each part of the gloves can be close to the skin

7. Wear cotton ball socks

Socks are made of cotton, thick soled, sweat absorbing, breathable and elastic, and the products that can protect feet are the best. The length should be able to wrap the ankle, so as to protect the foot to the greatest extent

8. Sleeve

Don’t think it’s a woman’s patent to wear sleeves when playing football. If you expose yourself to the sun for four hours in hot weather, your skin is easy to be injured. You can choose to wear long sleeves, but after all, they are not as convenient as sleeves. You can wear them when playing ball. After playing ball, you can scrub them with water and put them in your bag

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