Children’s Clothing Size Comparison Table How To Choose Children’s Clothing Size

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Abstract: due to the large age span of children, the size of children’s clothing is much more complex than that of adults, because there are great differences in stature from newborn babies to teenagers aged 15 and 16. Different children’s wear brands will use different sizes. If you are not familiar with children’s wear sizes, you will have a headache when choosing clothes. You don’t know which size is suitable for your baby. Therefore, we have specially made a comparison table of children’s wear sizes and children’s height for your reference

children’s clothing size comparison table

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how to choose the size of children’s clothing

To choose clothes for children according to the children’s size chart, the first step is to understand the basic situation of the children’s height and weight, so that you can make a general choice according to the children’s size chart. It is also important to know the proportion of their children’s bodies. Generally speaking, children’s heads account for 20% of their total height, and their body height accounts for 80% of their total height. When choosing clothes for children, they are generally based on their body height. The length of tops is usually 50% of their body height, pants are usually 75% higher, dresses are 78% of their body height, and shorts are 30% of their body height

However, it is worth noting that there are some differences between the international children’s clothing size chart and the domestic ones, because the skeleton of foreigners is larger than that of domestic people. Therefore, if you buy children’s clothing for your children through overseas shopping, you may choose relatively smaller clothes when referring to their children’s clothing size chart

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