Do You Want To Wear Underwear In Your Sports Shorts? What Is The Name Of The Black Pants In Your Sports Shorts

Abstract: whether to wear underpants in sports shorts is a question that many people want to know. In fact, there is a layer of inner lining in general sports shorts, which can be used as underpants. There is no need to wear an extra pair of underpants, because wearing underpants in sports shorts is not elegant, uncomfortable, unhealthy and inconvenient. If you are really uncomfortable or afraid of going naked, you can wear a pair of compression pants in sports shorts, It is the black pants in our common sports shorts, which can improve sports performance, promote recovery after sports, stabilize muscles and so on. Let’s learn more about it< p> I. do you want to wear underwear in your sports shorts

When exercising, many people will wear sports shorts. Some friends are obsessed with whether to wear underwear in sports shorts. How about wearing underwear in sports shorts

In fact, sports shorts are usually lined, and underwear can not be worn inside. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Unsightly appearance: for men, the lower edge of underwear is very obvious under the highlight of sports shorts; The lower edge of women’s underpants will cause dents in the hips. When wearing tight pants or compression pants, they are very clearly exposed to the public, especially the triangular underpants, which are easier to attract people’s attention

2. Uncomfortable: when running, because the thighs are repeatedly lifted up, the lower edge of the underwear will jump up and roll up. In addition, the comfort of the sports shorts will make you feel very uncomfortable, especially the boxer shorts and triangle underwear

3. Unhealthy: in the process of running, the underwear is soaked with sweat and rubs the groin repeatedly, which is easy to abrade and inflame the skin. In the humid environment, bacteria are easy to breed in the groin, leading to infection

4. Inconvenient: the wearing method of sports shorts + lining + underwear is very bloated, with poor flexibility, breathability and comfort

Therefore, underwear is usually not worn inside the sports shorts. If you want to wear them, it is recommended to cut off the lining of the running shorts and then wear quick drying running underwear, or you can choose to wear a pair of tight pants inside

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II. What is the name of the black pants inside the sports shorts

Many friends choose to wear sports shorts outside and a pair of black tights inside. What kind of pants are these

The black pants in the sports shorts are ordinary close fitting pants, also known as compression pants. It is designed to: wear shorts for running to dissipate heat faster, which is conducive to the regulation of human body temperature. However, in autumn and winter, this wearing method will cause cold air to stimulate muscles, resulting in muscle spasm and rheumatism. Therefore, in autumn and winter, a pair of black tight pants will be worn inside the sports shorts, This kind of tight pants is designed according to the sports characteristics of running, and is made of fabrics with good flexibility, high heat dissipation, skin affinity and easy to keep warm

It is not necessary for ordinary sports. It is mainly worn in endurance sports such as marathon. It can improve sports performance, promote recovery after sports, stabilize muscles, prevent thigh friction, promote perspiration, keep warm, protect against sun, and prevent venous thrombosis of lower limbs

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