How To Wear A Suit Correctly For Men And Women

Abstract: there are certain etiquette to follow in the wearing of a suit, especially in some details. The correct wearing method of a suit can reflect a person’s taste and cultivation. Men wearing suits should pay attention to the bottom button of the suit without buttons. The lapel of the suit, the collar of the shirt and the width of the tie must be coordinated. When a woman wears a suit to attend a formal occasion, it is appropriate to wear a complete set of suits in order to show her solemnity. Next, let’s have a look with Xiaobian< p> how do men and women wear suits correctly

how to wear men’s suits

1. The bottom button of the suit does not need to be buttoned. It is a basic principle to wear a suit that the bottom button of the suit must be open. Moreover, it is a dress code to open the front button of the coat when sitting

2. Pay attention to whether the lower end of the tie is exposed from the swing seam. Since the length of the tie cannot be selected according to our height, we can adjust the tie knot or tuck the long part at the bottom of the tie into the waistband

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3. The dimensions of the lapel of the coat, the collar of the shirt and the width of the tie must be coordinated. Pay attention to whether the width of the upper lapel, the length of the collar of the shirt and the width of the tie are the same. If one of the sizes is different from the other extreme, the whole match should be readjusted

4. The top coat pocket cover must be turned out. The top coat pocket cover is usually turned out on formal occasions

5. Tie knot shall be properly adjusted according to the size of neckline. Now, tie knot is decided by the change of collar shape. For example, the basic point of the splayed collar is to tie the tie loosely

6. In principle, the color of belt and leather shoes should be the same. Reasonable color matching is a major principle for how to wear a suit appropriately. According to this principle, the colors of general leather shoes and belts should be the same. If the strap is made of leather, it is best to match it with the same color, so it will be more coordinated on the whole

7. The belt only uses the eye hole in the middle, and the others are only used for decoration. The number of holes in the belt is approximately odd, and the size is determined based on the hole in the middle. If the waistline changes, you must change the belt that suits you

8. The length of trousers is based on the fact that the trouser legs are gently and naturally covered on the vamp. The length of trousers is the most suitable when people stand upright, the front swing seam gently touches the vamp, and slightly creases forward. It is now the mainstream in the world to cover half of the heel

9. The shirt must be visible from the back collar of the upper garment. Check whether the shirt is exposed by 1.5~2cm from the back collar of the upper garment. If it is exposed according to the regulations, it can prove that the collar and shoulder blades are very close, which will give people a sense of straightness and cleanness

10. The color of socks must not be too conspicuous. The color of socks must not be too conspicuous. Its basic color matching method is: the same color as the trousers or slightly darker than the trousers. It can also match the color of leather shoes. In short, an important principle is that socks should be regarded as an extension of pants or leather shoes

11. There should be no hot seam at the hip of the trousers. The middle seam of the trousers will give people a feeling of straightness and energy after ironing, but it is best to iron it below the hips. Because the hot seam extends to the hips, which will affect the beauty of the legs

12. The cuff of the shirt must be 1~1.5cm above the upper cuff. If the sleeve length of the shirt does not match that of the upper garment, it will leave the impression of informality. Therefore, it should be noted that the shirt cuffs must be 1~1.5cm longer than the upper cuffs

13. The lapel of the first button should be turned out naturally and freely. The lapel (lower collar) of the upper garment has no creases. The part above the first button must be turned out naturally, that is, pay attention to the softness of this part when ironing

how to wear a women’s suit

1. If it is a formal occasion, women should wear a complete set of suits to show their solemnity. Wear a suit to emphasize an overall effect. All decorations, shoes and socks should be matched, close to the theme, and not messy

2. Women should wear suits that are suitable, not too large or too small. If it is too big, it will make people feel stiff, loose and lose their demeanor. Too small, will show cramped and restrained, no beauty

3. Women also need to pay attention to the clothing matching effect when wearing suits. If you don’t wear a tie, you can choose a shirt with a little streamer or lace. If you wear a plain woolen sweater inside, you can wear a delicate Rhinestone ornament at the collar of the suit. Remember not to turn out the collar just because the underwear looks good

4. On informal occasions, suits can be matched with pants and skirts of different colors and textures, which will make people feel friendly and free and easy. If you wear a suit like this, you will definitely look different and look different

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