What Are The Styles Of Hot Pants? How To Choose Your Own Cowboy Hot Pants

3. Selection of looseness

Tight denim hot pants are certainly more sexy, but too tight hot pants legs will make a gap between the thin people’s legs, and fat women will also have bulges. Therefore, when choosing denim hot pants, the degree of looseness is very important, and try to keep at least half the width between the thigh periphery and the trouser leg

4. Waist selection

Denim hot pants have low waist, middle waist and high waist. Low waist hot pants are more suitable for girls with waistcoats. Otherwise, they will not only expose their small belly, but also lower your proportion; The waist line is roughly located at the middle waist of the navel or High Waist Shorts, which can blur the width of the hip bone and shift the focus to the slender waist, so that the body is symmetrical

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