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Western suit brand consumption guide

In the selection of suits, we should choose the fabrics, shapes, accessories and brands of suits. Whether we buy ready-made or customized suits, the brand of suits is one of the guarantees of the quality of suits, so it is also an important consideration. So, what brand of suit is good? Which brand of suit is good? Which regions have the most Western-style clothing brands? Where is the suit made better? What are the western-style clothing brands that have won the honors of big brands, famous trademarks and provincial and municipal famous brands? In order to provide consumers with real market conditions of suits and accurate industry brand information, the following is the data support provided by CNPP. The website provides you with the list of top ten suits brands and relevant brand recommendations for your reference

what is the brand of suits? Top ten western suit brands, top ten suit brands, suit suit suit – men’s suit – casual suit brands, and what are the suit brands [2022] 1 Youngor Youngor, founded in 1979 and listed in 1998, is a well-known enterprise in the national textile and garment industry. It has seven sectors, including garment holding, garment manufacturing technology and textile holding. It is a well-known brand in the domestic Western-style clothing industry, mainly focusing on formal clothes for important occasions. Ya 2. baoxinniaosaintangelo baoxinniao was established in 1996. It is a joint-stock enterprise with clothing as its main business and involved in the investment field. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007 (Stock Code: 002154). Baoxiniao includes original brand baoxiniao, professional customization 3. Shanshan firs brand, founded in 1989, is a well-known men’s brand in China. It is mainly aimed at business people aged 35-45, focusing on the R & D, production and sales services of classic business, senior business travel, private customization and professional clothing customization series products. Shanshan 4. Romon was founded in 1978 as one of the top 500 private enterprises in China. In the early stage, Romon mainly designed, produced and sold medium and high-grade suits, shirts and series of clothing. Now it has developed into a large enterprise involving fashion clothing, paradise, hotels, real estate development, international trade and other fields 5. Jinlilai started in Hong Kong in 1968. It is positioned as the social backbone of men aged 35-45. It mainly deals in men’s business suits, casual clothes, underwear, sweaters, leather goods, leather shoes, jewelry and other products. Jinlilai brand in style, fabric, color, style 6. seven seven, founded in 1979, is a comprehensive group company focusing on clothing research, design and manufacturing and integrating sales. Qipai products are famous for their fashionable style, classic style and exquisite workmanship. Zhonghua standing collar series is its representative product 7. Blue Leopard LAMPO, founded in 1993, is an influential high-quality men’s brand in China and a modern industrial enterprise integrating product design, production and sales. Blue Leopard has professional technology and talents, and has established a deep 8. Hailan home HLA international one-stop men’s clothing retail brand, which is the main brand of the listed company Hailan home Co., Ltd., was founded in 2002 and enjoys the reputation of “men’s Wardrobe”. Dedicated to the work of 9. Hongdou hodo, a subsidiary of Hongdou Group, is engaged in the global marketing business of Hongdou men’s clothing. With the brand positioning of “wearing Hongdou men’s clothing at the age of 30”, it focuses on the comfortable wearing experience, and provides high-quality fashion clothing in the styles of business suits, leisure, sports, etc. for medium – and high-end male consumers 10.g2000 G2000 was founded in 1985 in Hong Kong, China. It is a professional clothing chain brand focusing on fashionable men’s and women’s workplace clothing. The group owns G2000 man, G2000 woman, G2000 studi The list of well-known (famous) suit brands [2022] and above is obtained by the cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection, collation, big data statistical analysis and research. It is sorted in no order and is only provided for your reference. Vote for my favorite suit brands &gt& gt; < Strong> list of well-known (well-known) suit brands: including top ten suit brands + Armani Armani, hugoboss hugobos, Zegna Zegna Zegna, jiumuwang, sinoer, peromon BAROMON, Victor VICUTU, red collar REDCOLLAR, Septwolves, lilanz lilanz, talent tries, Hongdu Hongdu, Hubao, Sundance, perocheng Progen, Mayer Mailyard, French Fapai, Brooksbrothers, CANALI Connery, Kiton, suitsupply

Distribution of suit brands which brand of suit is the best? List of suit origin brands

The production of suits requires a lot of labor resources and advanced productivity conditions. From the processing of raw materials to the combination of finished products, many steps need to be taken. In Guangdong Province and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, there are many factories and abundant labor force. Moreover, the production technology is also in the leading position in the country, forming a complete product production chain. Guangdong Province and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are also good places for domestic economic development, with convenient transportation and good transportation conditions. Therefore, many Western-style clothing brand enterprises are gathered

suit grade / honor list

Brand honors and awards are intangible assets of an enterprise. Competition among modern enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and brand honors and awards can make enterprises stand out. The famous suit trademark refers to a registered trademark that has a high market reputation and commercial value, is well known by the relevant public, and is recognized according to law, which has a little reference function for the selection of well-known suits. The provincial famous brand of Western-style clothes refers to the products with strong market competitiveness, which have reached the advanced level of similar products in the province, are in the leading position among similar products in the province, have the market share and popularity in the forefront of the industry, and have high user satisfaction

suit brand size historical enterprise registered capital suit brand history suit brand registered capital suit selection matters suit knowledge lecture hall

types of suits

By wearer

According to the gender and age of the wearer, suits can be divided into men’s suits, women’s suits and children’s suits

Classification by occasion

According to the occasion, suits can be divided into formal clothes and casual clothes

Among them, the formal dress can be divided into regular dress (also called morning dress, worn during the day and daily), small dress (also called evening dress, worn at night) and tuxedo

Classified by number of suits

According to the number of suits, there are single suits, two suits and three suits

Classified by top button

According to the button arrangement of the suit jacket, it is divided into single breasted suit jacket and double breasted suit jacket

Classification by version

The so-called version refers to the appearance outline of a suit. Strictly speaking, there are four basic types of suits: European suits, British suits, American suits and Japanese suits

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the above brand data are statistically analyzed based on the CNPP data system. If the brand does not appear, it may be that it is not included in the system. The brand rating is obtained by the cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection and sorting, and based on big data statistics and artificial analysis and research according to the changes of market and parameter conditions. It is the real and objective result of big data, cloud computing and data statistics. It is not accreditation, nor competitive ranking, nor commendation selection, nor evaluation and comparison. Enterprises can apply for declaration or be collected by cn10/cnpp brand data research department for free. It is sorted in no order and is only provided for your reference

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