what kind of hairstyle to wear the sweater

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the autumn and winter season is coming, and it is the season to wear the sweater. The sweater is a kind of dress that young people like to wear now. For girls, there is a problem that has been bothering them, that is, they don’t know what kind of hair style the sweater will match

what kind of hairstyle to wear the sweater with

high ponytail

girls with large hair volume can directly tie a high ponytail, extend it back along their jaw line, find a suitable position for their ponytail, and tie up their hair. If the hair volume is small, you can iron your hair into some radians first, then roll it up and tie it up again. It seems that the hair volume will be more gentle and flexible

meatball head

this hairstyle is not suitable for girls with large hair volume. After all, too large meatballs will appear top heavy and lose their original intention. The pill head is definitely a good news for girls with small hair volume or soft hair quality. You can easily fluffy your hair, tie it up without a comb, and then screw a pill. It’s better to loosen the balls, which not only shows a large amount of hair, but also highlights the lazy and casual temperament

Ponytail Hair

this kind of hair style is suitable for girls with small hair volume but long length. Hair editing is easy to increase the thickness of hair on the original basis. It is definitely a trick to show more hair volume. Fishbone braids, fried dough twist braids and sugar gourd braids are all very suitable. The difficulty is not very high. I can operate them myself. In this way, the hair is very neat and refreshing. You can choose this kind of horsetail hair in spring and summer

do you still need to wear clothes inside the sweater?

it depends on your personal needs. Xiaobian usually matches clothes inside. The sweater is originally a loose type and looks very empty when worn. Many friends will choose an inner layer to match, which will not only keep you warm, but also have the effect of overlapping. In this way, the matching of the sweater will be more intimate, more comfortable More thick and full

why wear a T-shirt inside the sweater

you can wear it alone, or you can put a long shirt or T-shirt inside. The length of the inside should exceed the length of the sweater. Revealing a certain distance will make the whole body look more layered and energetic. This kind of collocation will test the grasp of personal fashion sense. Without knowing how to match it, white tee is the most error free inner match

wear a sweater with a tall ponytail. A tall ponytail is more suitable for some girls with a large amount of hair. Moreover, a tall ponytail has always been a hairstyle loved by many goddesses. It is pure and has temperament. It is very suitable to wear a sweater. Wearing a sweater with a ball head is lovely and reduces age

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