5-Point Short Pants For Whom? Are 5-Point Pants Suitable For Short People

Abstract: cropped pants are common pants in summer, and many people like to wear them. However, not everyone is suitable for wearing cropped pants. Cropped pants are mainly suitable for pear shaped, apple shaped and straight-line shapes. In addition, cropped pants are generally recommended for people with tall and thin legs because they are visually short legs, Friends with thick legs will also appear clumsy in the lower part of the body when wearing pants. Pay attention to wearing them. Let’s take a look at who can wear the cropped pants< p> 1. 5-point short pants are suitable for who to wear

The length of the cropped pants is at the knee position, which will visually make the legs appear short and not straight. It is usually difficult to look good and has high requirements for body shape. So who is suitable to wear the cropped pants

1. Pear shaped figure

Pear shaped figure is characterized by narrow shoulder, thin waist, wide hip and full thigh. If this kind of figure wears pants, it can cover the defects of hip width and thigh thickness, and the effect of wearing a complete set is better. For pear shaped figure, pay attention to the upper body when wearing cropped pants to avoid top heavy

2. Linear figure

Friends with a straight figure are more suitable for loose style cropped pants, such as straight cropped pants, which can visually modify the leg shape

3. Apple shaped figure

For the apple shaped figure with meat on the waist and abdomen and less obvious waistline, it is more suitable to wear high waist straight pants. The high waist can press the small meat on the stomach, and the straight tube can modify the leg shape. If you don’t want to show the short legs, you can use belts to match and emphasize the waistline

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4. Tall people

Tall people will look better in cropped pants. For boys with a height of more than 170cm and girls with a height of more than 165cm, it is not easy to appear short legs in cropped pants

5. People with thin legs

Tight cropped pants are very suitable for people with thin legs, especially girls. If the legs are fat, it is not recommended to wear cropped pants. Even if you want to wear them, you should choose loose pants

are the cropped pants suitable for short people

Quintiles are the pants that many people like to wear in summer, but not everyone looks good in them. It is said that short people are not suitable for wearing quintiles. Is this true

In fact, it is really not suitable for short people to wear quarter length pants, because when short people wear quarter length pants, the pants legs will reach the knees, and the lower body will be directly divided by half. Visually, the leg length has been shortened. If the body is not tall, the legs will be shorter, and the whole person will also be particularly short

If a short man wants to wear cropped trousers, he should learn the skills of matching, such as shortening the length of his upper body by plugging the corners of his clothes and wearing a short jacket, and matching shoes with heels

are the 3 / 5 pants suitable for people with thick legs

Not suitable

Friends with thick legs should try not to wear quarter length pants, because the legs are a whole. If the legs are thick, the proportion of the legs will be vividly divided into 1:1 after wearing the quarter length pants. Even if they can cover the meat of the thighs, the legs will be “truncated”, which makes the lower body look very clumsy

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