Can Wool Trousers Be Washed? Precautions For Wool Trousers Washing

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Abstract: wool pants play an important role in winter clothing collocation. It not only shows unusual texture, but also has enough warmth preservation effect. In addition, with a wide range of styles, many women will choose it for collocation. Wool pants can be washed with water, but generally it is recommended to do dry cleaning. When washing wool pants, pay attention to low temperature cleaning, use neutral detergent, and don’t expose them to the sun for a long time after washing. Next, this article will briefly introduce whether wool pants can be washed and the precautions when washing. Home experts, come and see it quickly

I. can wool pants be washed

Wool pants can be washed, but it is recommended to dry clean them as much as possible

Wool pants are not alkali resistant. If they are washed with neutral detergent without enzyme, it is best to use special detergent for wool. If you use a washing machine to wash, you should use a drum washing machine and choose a soft program. If you wash it by hand, you’d better rub it gently. You can’t use a washboard to rub it. Do not use chlorine containing bleaching solution for wool fabrics, use oxygen containing color bleaching, use extrusion washing, avoid twisting, squeeze to remove water, spread flat and dry in the shade or hang in half in the shade, wet shaping or semi dry shaping, remove wrinkles, do not expose to the sun, and use softeners to maintain soft hand feel and antistatic. Dark colors are generally easy to fade and should be washed separately

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II. Precautions for wool pants washing

1. The strength of wool in wool pants will decrease after moisture absorption or in water, and it can be recovered after drying. Wool will emit odor in boiling water, and it will be damaged after long-time immersion. The temperature will drop, and it cannot be recovered after drying. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the treatment of wool fabrics with hot water or steam

2. The resistance of wool to alkali is worse than that of cotton fiber. Its resistance varies according to the nature, temperature, concentration and treatment time of alkali solution. Generally speaking, the thicker the lye is, the higher the temperature is, and the longer the time is, the greater the damage is, and even the dissolution is. Therefore, it is advisable to use low temperature and neutral detergent when washing wool fabrics

3. If the wool is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will lose luster, make the fiber yellow, reduce the elasticity and strength, and make the hand feel rough and hard. Therefore, woolen fabrics should be hung in a cool and ventilated place after washing, and should not be exposed to the sun, which can prolong the service life of the fabrics

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