How To Distinguish True And False Adidas Clover

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Abstract: the classic Adidas clover has countless loyal fans. For consumers who buy clover products for the first time or rarely on the Internet, how to distinguish whether it is genuine has become a problem. If they are not sharp eyed, they are easy to be cheated by Putian high imitation shoes on the market. How to distinguish the true and false of Adidas clover? Now let’s introduce it in detail

Adidas clover shoes for distinguishing true and false

1. Look at the internal standard

Open the tongue of clover shoes, and you can see the internal standard printed with relevant information such as origin, size and so on:

① If the code number below us is a bit integer, then the U of us and that number are on the same vertical line as f. If 8 is below us, then 8 is on the same vertical line as u and F

② If the code number below us is a single digit with fraction, then the U of us is on the same vertical line as that number f, and the fraction is directly below s

③ If the code number below us is a two digit integer, the two digit ten digit number is below us and the middle is in the middle of ft

④ If the code number below us is a two digit number with fractions, then the U of us and the integer part of the number are on the same vertical line as f

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2. Look at the sole

For the sewing of sole, clover usually adopts black thread, and its grain is very neat, so there won’t be too many miscellaneous threads, and the fake will be very uneven

3. Look at the logo

The real clover logo is the same size, and the two lines in the middle are not the same length, but the fake Adidas will not be like this

clover clothes for distinguishing true and false

1. Look at Adidas trademark

The three slashes on the trademark are connected with the upper corner of the two D’s. the authentic embroidery is delicate, there is no thread, and the spacing is proportional

2. Look at the three bars

These three bars are fine in workmanship and symmetrical in size. And the spacing between the three bars is also consistent with the size of the line itself

3. Look at fabrics and accessories

The materials and accessories of clover are directly provided by foreign investors. It is made to order and purchased from abroad. How can domestic version proof fabrics be compared? You can tell by touching it

4. Look at the zipper head

The zipper head used by clover is provided by YKK world-class manufacturers, with the words YKK on the reverse and Adidas on the front

5. Read the washing label

There will be eight flags on the washing label, and they are colored. Next to the main bid, there is a bid with three lines of numbers plus English. The first line is the model number, the second line is the number in English, and the third line is the year and month of production

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