How To Match Cheongsam? Look At The Correct Walking Posture Of Cheongsam Show

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cheongsam, the traditional clothing of Chinese women in China and the world, is known as the quintessence of China and the national clothing of women. A cheongsam upper body, the Chinese women virtuous, elegant, gentle, beautiful temperament and temperament performance incisively and vividly. Cheongsam’s self-cultivation features can better show women’s beautiful curves and wrap their bodies with exquisite elegance. Although it is beautiful to wear cheongsam, how to match it? How can cheongsam match with hair style, makeup, accessories, shoes, bags and coats? What are the walking skills of cheongsam show? How to choose cheongsam? The following editor will introduce the collocation, walking posture, purchase and other related knowledge of Cheongsam in detail

Introduction to cheongsam

History of cheongsam

cheongsam was changed from Manchu women’s clothing (flag clothing). The 1930s was the brightest period of cheongsam. In 1929, cheongsam was once defined as “national costume”. In the eyes of foreigners, the classic image of Chinese women is wearing “Chinese dress” – cheongsam

The development of cheongsam

the improved cheongsam is greatly influenced by the international fashion trend, which not only retains the original characteristics, but also integrates the awareness of innovation. Cheongsam and fashion coexist together, showing an international trend from a new perspective and with a new concept

The characteristics of cheongsam

cheongsam pays special attention to three points: chest, waist, and the thinnest part of the back waist called “wave waist” in the line. Cheongsam is the most exquisite “body”, more points make it fat, less points make it narrow, and the space between clothes and human body is compressed as small as possible, just like a bud

The style of cheongsam

the change of cheongsam style is more and more diversified, mainly the change of sleeve style and lapel shape. The styles of sleeve shape mainly include: wide sleeve shape, narrow sleeve shape, long sleeve, medium sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless. The style of placket mainly includes round placket, straight placket, square placket, Pipa placket, etc. Detailed

the difference between traditional cheongsam and improved cheongsam


traditional cheongsam mostly adopts straight lines in the cutting of lines, and the lines of chest, shoulder, waist, hip and other parts are almost straight, which makes the body loose and completely covers the beautiful curve of women

After a long time of evolution and continuous absorption of Western cutting methods, the cutting method and structure of the improved cheongsam are more westernized, and popular elements are integrated to make the version more suitable, tighten the waistline, show the hips, and at the same time, shoulder seams and sleeves appear, making the shoulders and armpits fit together


traditional cheongsam also has strict requirements for the selection of fabrics, most of which are exquisite fabrics such as brocade, antique satin, silk, etc

While the improved cheongsam pays more attention to the comfort of fabrics, especially cheongsam in modern daily life. Their styles are diverse. While the styles are self-cultivation, they also allow people to move freely. Most of them choose cotton and linen materials to show a comfortable sense of home and improve the modern sense accepted by the public


most of the traditional cheongsam are relatively uniform and monotonous in appearance, with strict opening methods and designs

Under the influence of Westernization, the appearance characteristics of the improved cheongsam gradually evolved into the following characteristics: the open or half open form of the right Lapel placket, the stand collar button, the side slit, the single piece material, the waist, sleeveless or short sleeved, etc. Slit is just one of the many features of cheongsam, which is not unique or necessary

Pattern pattern

because of the particularity of the fabric, the choice of pattern and pattern is also limited. Most of them take pavilions, flowers, birds, fish and insects as the main patterns, and there are not as many kinds of improved cheongsam in color

The improved cheongsam integrates artistic temperament and life elements, such as ink painting, blue and white porcelain, and other patterns rich in Chinese classical elements, which perfectly integrates Chinese classical culture with modern civilization; The low-key and elegant decors are quite suitable for daily wear. Although there are fewer women wearing cheongsam in modern times, many places in modern cheongsam still maintain the traditional charm and can reflect the beauty of fashion at the same time. Detailed

how to match cheongsam


modesty is the most important on important occasions, which can be high plate flowers, plates [ji ū]、 Reel hair style, etc. Usually wear casual cheongsam, with a casual hairstyle


make up should be elegant and delicate, with light and elegant makeup color, natural coordination, and slight modification and touch up of the face


pearls and jade are most suitable for the gentle temperament of cheongsam. You can also try colored gem accessories. The cheongsam with flowers is matched with a plain shawl or shawl


medium and high-heeled leather shoes, high-heeled single shoes, flat soled shoes, etc. the color can be white or black solid color. Be careful not to expose your toes


if handbags, try to choose small bags, such as handbags and handbags. Exquisite and not complicated, the best color is a monochrome in cheongsam

Silk stockings

wear pants and silk stockings with skin color, and some don’t wear silk stockings. It’s sexy with good leg shape. However, it’s polite to wear silk stockings if the occasion is very formal


when wearing cheongsam with thin fabric, you must choose traceless underwear, and try not to choose dark underwear, which should be harmonious with the color of cheongsam


fur coats, woolen coats, short suits, cardigans, hollowed out jackets and various shawls can be worn together with cheongsam. Detailed

what are the walking skills of cheongsam show

1. First, smile, look straight at each other, eyes soft, energetic and natural

2. When walking, keep your body stretched and upright, with your weight between your legs, your arch slightly forward, and try to lift it up

3. When walking, you should use waist strength and lean your body’s center of gravity forward slightly

4. Step evenly, and the range of step is between one foot and half foot

5. When you step, the distance between your legs should be small, and you should walk in a straight line; The hem of cheongsam should be coordinated with the movement of feet, showing a beautiful sense of rhythm

6. When stepping out and landing, the toes and heels should be in a straight line with the forward side, so as to avoid the situation of “inner splay” or “outer splay” that destroys the beauty

7. The arms should swing naturally and harmoniously, and the angle between the arm and the body should be 10 ° ~ 15 °. Note that the elbow joint can only be slightly bent. Detailed

how to choose cheongsam


try not to consider rayon and polyester fabric, because it is very easy to generate static electricity. Spring, summer and autumn festivals should consider using thin materials such as silk. Heavy silk has a better falling feeling, and the color should not be too dignified; Brocade is the best choice in winter


there are many common colors of cheongsam, most of which are gorgeous and rich. Among them, dark tone cheongsam is more quiet and gentle, especially showing the charm of cheongsam, but it is too low-key and slightly depressed, which is suitable for mature women. Young and fashionable people often pursue bright bright colors


the traditional cheongsam style is very provocative. Women who feel that they have body defects can try to improve the way of cheongsam, such as shoulder style, backless style, deep V style and so on, which absorb a lot of Western cutting elements to modify their body shape

The size

“three circumference” is suitable or slightly more than that. Secondly, we should also observe the length of collar, body, sleeve, fat and thin, etc. The size requirements of cheongsam are very strict, otherwise it will lose its style and uniqueness. Xiaobian suggested that it is best to choose a customized brand cheongsam. Detailed

how to clean silk cheongsam

hand washing

silk cheongsam is woven from protein delicate health fiber, and hand washing is the best. Please use special silk detergent or neutral soap. First mix the detergent in the water by hand, and then put in the clothes. The water temperature should not be too high. The clothes should not be soaked in the water for more than 15 minutes. Scrub gently by hand. After washing, rinse with clean water, remove the soap liquid, and do not wring it dry. The colored silk cheongsam can be rinsed repeatedly in clean water

When drying, put the reverse side of the cheongsam outward in a cool place and let it drip to dry. When it is 70% to 80% dry, iron or shake it flat

When drying, the water content should be about 10%. Take it off, fill it with a hundred cloth and iron it, which can maintain its luster and durability. If it is not ironed, put it into a plastic bag when 70% of the cheongsam is dry and flatten it with your hand; You can also dry it, fold it flat, put it into a plastic bag, seal the mouth, and put it into the freezer for 12 hours of strong freezing, which can achieve the effect of no ironing

Dry cleaning

you should choose a dry cleaning shop, but if there is a stain, you need to explain what kind of stain it is. Detailed

how to store silk cheongsam

1. It is not suitable to use an iron hanger when storing to prevent rust pollution. When storing, it should avoid storing with items that are easy to fade or dye

2. Silk cheongsam is highly hygroscopic. It is best to hang it with a clothes hanger and keep it ventilated when not wearing it. Do not store the silk cheongsam in a wet or direct light place to avoid mildew and fading

3. It is best to hang and store silk cheongsam and keep it dry. The insect repellent must be wrapped with cloth and do not directly contact with clothes

4. Pay attention to damage the cheongsam when it is caught by the hanger hook during storage

5. It needs regular ventilation and should not be placed in plastic bags for a long time

6. Hang the cheongsam in a dark place to prevent the fabric from yellowing under the direct light

7. The cheongsam made of a combination of georgette and double wrinkled fabrics should not be hung for a long time. Due to its own weight, it will stretch longer and longer, which will deform the cheongsam. When storing, it should be lined with cloth and placed on the upper layer of the cabinet to avoid wrinkles

8. When white and light colored real silk are placed at the same time, it is best to separate them with “safe” items

9. When collecting, avoid directly contaminating desiccants, cosmetics, perfume, etc. on silk cheongsam. If you accidentally get it, clean it in time, otherwise it will turn yellow or black

10. Silk cheongsam should not be placed with tussah silk clothes, because most of the raw materials of tussah silk clothes are fumigated with sulfur, which will make the silk clothes change color

11. Don’t sleep on mats, rattan chairs and planks. Because the fiber of silk is relatively thin and cannot withstand excessive friction, it is best not to scratch with clothes. Because the holding force of long fibers of silk fabrics is not as good as that of other blended fiber fabrics, it is easy to cause silk merging under the influence of external forces, which is also called silk arrangement and silk drape

12. Do not sprinkle deodorant or perfume, and do not place camphor pills. Because these are chemical cheongsam, it is easy to damage silk, especially white silk. If you touch these, the cheongsam fabric will turn yellow. Detailed

top ten cheongsam brands

1. Every festival, it’s time for online shoppers to show their skills. However, in the face of a wide variety of goods and uneven prices, they don’t know how to start

2. Every festival, it’s time for online shoppers to show their skills. However, in the face of a wide variety of goods and uneven prices, they don’t know how to start

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