how to match vests with clothes

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there are many kinds of clothes we wear. Vests are one of the items that people often wear. Vests are highly functional and have many pockets. Basically, you don’t need to bring bags when you go out. How can you match vests with clothes

how to match a vest with clothes

first, the most common suit vest. It has a variety of colors, and all of them prefer bright colors. This kind of vest can make people very professional feminized, and the length usually covers the hips. Inside the vest, you can choose something more casual, otherwise it will increase the sense of professionalism. The following can be matched with cigarette pants or jeans, and the feet can be matched with exposed high heels

cowboy vest. Its color selectability is not strong, that is, it can be divided into dark and light colors. Cowboy vest will make the wearer look very youthful and young. The length is long and short. If you want to reflect the sexiness, you can choose the short style, and the youthful vitality can be selected to the waist. It can be matched with plain T-shirts, dresses, etc. The lower body can be matched with a long skirt or a short skirt. Wearing bandage shoes on the feet makes the whole body full of youth

then there is a long waistcoat that is up to the ankle. This kind of waistcoat will make the wearer look very impressive, so it can be matched with black or white inside to look more like a king

how to match black vest with clothes

match 1: Black Vest + White Chiffon shirt + Black Wide Leg Pants

black vest with a White Chiffon shirt and a black wide leg pants on the lower body. The color matching is simple, the style is atmospheric, and it shows temperament

collocation 2: Black Vest + black-and-white striped sweater + tight jeans

black vest can not only match with a formal sense, but also match with a casual style. Put a black-and-white striped sweater inside, and then match with a pair of tight jeans, which is casual and foreign

collocation 3: Black Vest + white short sleeve T-shirt + jeans

the black vest can be divided into long and short. The black short vest is matched with a white short sleeve T-shirt and jeans and a pair of Martin boots, which is fashionable and handsome

collocation 4: Black Vest + white short sleeve T-shirt + Black cropped wide leg pants

black and white are the two most versatile colors, and they are also the most classic when matched together. Black vest with a white short sleeve T-shirt and black cropped wide leg pants is very generous to wear

black waistcoat with BODYSUIT

recently, I can clearly feel the cold wave coming, the temperature is much lower, and I can’t help shivering. When I opened the wardrobe, I found that the original down jacket couldn’t be opened at all. I wanted to buy a warm and convenient clothes online. After looking at it, I found that the vest is a warm and fashionable choice. It is warm and nice to wear

vests are also divided into different types. For vests with bright colors, we can match them with some casual colors. We can wear jeans or pipe pants for the bottom. Cowboy vests are a very handsome type. It will be more beautiful to match them with pure color T-shirts

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