The Suit Skirt Is Too Short. How To Wear A Short Suit Skirt With Shoes On The Lower Body

Abstract: the suit skirt is a skirt that fashionable girls love to wear. Its style is simple and does not lose its aura, giving people a clean and tidy feeling. Generally, the length of a suit skirt is at the root of the thigh. Some girls think that such a suit skirt is too short and easy to go naked. How do you wear the lower body if the suit skirt is too short? How to match the short suit skirt with shoes? Let’s learn about it< p> I. how to wear the lower body if the suit skirt is too short

1. It is simple and convenient to wear a pair of safety pants

2. Take the suit skirt to the tailor’s shop and ask the master to sew a lining inside the skirt

3. Find a tailor to divide the suit skirt into two parts from the middle for further processing, including suit and skirt

4. Sew a circle of white or black lace on the edge of the suit skirt, which is mature and temperament as a whole

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II. How to match short suit skirt with shoes

In terms of collocation, we can focus on shoes. No matter what style of suit skirt, the right choice of shoes is equal to more than half of the success. Generally, the length of a suit skirt is at the root of the thigh, so we can choose to use long boots. However, this kind of leg clinging style may also expose the shortcomings of our thick legs, so please look down at the small thick legs

1. Suit skirt + boots

This wide mouth leather boots will be more suitable for small thick legs, but it also has a disadvantage, that is, it is really difficult to have O-shaped legs or X-shaped legs, which will make the leg shape more outward. In addition, the boots of this style are suitable for matching with the basic simple suit skirt. If they are too complex, it will affect the beauty

2. Black suit skirt + strapping shoes

Compared with long boots, strapped high-heeled sandals must be more feminine and sexy and elegant. The key is that it can reduce the heaviness of the overall collocation. The thick black suit skirt and ballet style high-heeled sandals of the same color can also turn baisteelmaking into finger winding softness

3. Cape style suit skirt + slotted button high heels

The line button design is also suitable for matching with the suit skirt. The Cape style suit skirt itself is very queen. When combined with such high heels, it is completely the climax of the aura. And its requirements for leg shape are not so high. As long as it is not an exaggerated defect, it can help cover it up

4. Black suit skirt + twining high heels

Winding high-heeled shoes are suitable for matching with basic models, which can play a role of coordination and neutralization. Although they are all black, the style trend is obviously different. Now, if we combine them, we can naturally concave the hierarchical beauty, which is generous and advanced

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