how to match the trench coat in Kaqi color

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the trench coat in Kaqi color is a necessary garment for the Chaozhou people. The trench coat in Kaqi color is never out of date. There are various ways to match the trench coat. Many people are asking how to match the trench coat in Kaqi color. Let’s talk about the matching methods

how to match Khaki trench coat

Khaki trench coat + shirt + ripped jeans

supermodel small KK super long Khaki trench coat is full of style. It is very classic and elegant to match with white shirt as an interior. The matching of ripped jeans on the lower body immediately gives the style a street look. A pair of handsome motorcycle boots on the feet adds a neutral temperament to the style, which is a very practical collocation

Khaki trench coat + white suspenders + flat shoes

khaki and white are very suitable, very elegant and eye-catching. The mature attribute of the trench coat and the liveliness of the white suspenders make the whole day look very aging, which is very suitable for the collocation of light mature women. A pair of flat shoes on the shoes is more casual

Khaki windbreaker + sweater + trousers + high heels

want to mix and match them to create a new feeling, with a touch of maturity in leisure. Khaki windbreaker is a very good choice with the sweater. Those who want a playful Street sense can learn from the actress Zhang Tianai. The windbreaker is matched with the sweater, and the cropped pants are matched with the sneakers to create a relaxed and dynamic shape, which is very popular with the current trendsetters. If you want to be more mature, you should choose trousers with pointed high heels, and the elegant mix and match style will come out. Pay attention to choose the color of the protective clothing, which should be different from the color of the windbreaker

how to maintain the windbreaker

1 Leather windbreaker maintenance method: no matter what kind of leather products, the most common maintenance is to prevent them from mildew. Mold is the main cause of mold in leather, and moisture is the root of mold reproduction. Therefore, the leather products should be kept ventilated and dry during the storage process to avoid direct exposure to the sun. When the leather is wet, it should be dried in time. When the leather products are stained with sweat or rain, they should immediately absorb the sweat and rain with a dry soft cloth or paper, then wipe them with a damp soft cloth, and then hang them to dry. In case of greasy dirt, wipe the dirty place with cotton cloth dipped in the mixture of ammonia, alcohol and water, and then hang it in the air for drying

2. Maintenance method of cotton windbreaker: according to the material of windbreaker, if the wool content is low, it can be dry cleaned and machine washed. If the wool content is high, it is best to dry clean, otherwise it is easy to shrink and deform. Before washing, they will remove the button, nail it after washing, and wash it with water to prevent shrinkage and deformation. It is better not to wash the collar clothes with washing powder, but with soap or detergent. There is also something particular about drying the clothes. Put the sleeves on the hangers, otherwise the shoulders of the clothes will be deformed

can the windbreaker be washed?

general windbreakers can be washed, but they should not be washed often

1. The windbreaker is mainly made of cotton, with relatively large shrinkage; The lining composition is relatively complex, but mainly chemical fiber, with relatively small shrinkage. In case of water washing, it is worried that the abnormal shrinkage is inconsistent and deformation will occur

2. Windbreaker is generally coated with waterproof coating. If you wash the waterproof coating too much, it will gradually weaken the waterproof function. Even if you wash it in a bag, the above two points cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is better to dry clean. If dry cleaning is inconvenient for you, it is recommended that you use less detergent (including all washing powder, soap powder, detergent…) to reduce the damage of waterproof coating. Secondly, after washing and before drying, try to flatten and stretch the clothes everywhere to reduce deformation. Finally, it is recommended that you try to reduce the number of times of washing. In most cases, wipe with a damp hot towel or an iron on the damp hot towel

the khaki color trench coat can be matched with a shirt and torn jeans. The matching of the torn jeans immediately gives the style a street look. It can be matched with a pair of very handsome motorcycle boots. The khaki color trench coat can be matched with white suspenders and flat shoes, which is very young and casual

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