[Length And Matching Of Medium Shorts] The Length Of 5, 6, 7 And 9-Point Pants Is Different From That Of Pants Of Various Lengths

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how long are the 5, 6, 7 and 9-point pants? 5 points to the knee, 7 points to the calf and ankle, and 9-point pants are a little above the ankle. How do you calculate pants of different lengths? Moreover, why do some girls show short legs when wearing 9-point pants, and some girls show small and thick legs when wearing 7-point pants? How do we match pants of different lengths? Now let’s learn about the length and collocation of shorts with Xiaobian

The length of 5, 6, 7 and 9-point trousers

there is no specific size, because the board types of each company are different, so there are some differences in the size. Generally speaking, cropped pants, cropped pants and cropped pants are pants made according to a fraction of a person’s normal pants length. For example, cropped pants are (7/10) long. Specifically, cropped pants are above the ankle and down the half of the calf. Cropped pants are half of the lower leg up and below the knee. The cropped trousers are knee length. Generally speaking, water pants are the quarter length pants we wear, and the quarter length pants can also be included

The length of a quarter length pant

a quarter length pant refers to half of your pants, so it can also be called a half length pant. If the length of your pants is 40 inches (40 inches is about 101.1 cm) *0.5=20 inches, it is about the knee, generally not the knee. If you usually wear 40 inch long fitting pants, then the length of the cropped pants is 40 inches *0.5=20 inches, about at the knee

Matching suggestion of cropped pants

matching suggestion: cropped pants that complement each other no matter matching with boots or high heels and flat shoes can just highlight your slim posture through different matching

Look1: Chiffon shirt + Pink Capri pants are cool and fashionable in summer. They look fresh, lively and cute

Look2: Striped Top + cowboy cropped pants cowboy cropped pants are really fashionable and stylish. With a loose top with yellow, white and black stripes, it looks so stylish. Girls can get it! In summer, add a pair of small white shoes, wear sunglasses and a cap with a duck tongue. It’s so trendy that you have no friends

Look3: white t+ high waist Capris light brown high waist Capris with belt are more retro and nostalgic, showing long legs. Wear a white T on the upper body to look casual. The whole is really low-key and trendy

Look4: Korean top + loose cropped pants the white letter Korean top is very suitable for summer, and the lower body is more casual with a light blue loose cropped pants

Look5: pure color T-shirt + Chiffon Capri pants are absolutely right to wear Chiffon Capri pants in summer, which will definitely make you fresh and fashionable. It’s enough to wear a solid T-shirt on the upper body. You can wear it as you like

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  • small white shoes
  • chain bag

how long are the Capris

Cropped trousers are seven minutes long, reaching below the knee and generally around the calf. The overall style of pants of this length is not very formal, very lively and age reducing. They are neither as rigid as pants, nor as active as shorts. They not only meet the needs of young mm: young, lively and pleasant, but also make women in their forties more fashionable and energetic. But for those of us who don’t have long legs, we usually wear cropped trousers. The length will just be stuck in the thick calf, showing both fat and short legs. Moreover, because the calf skin is exposed more, it seems that the legs are divided into two parts, which is easy to wear into a five to five figure. Therefore, the wearing of cropped pants needs special attention

Matching suggestions for Capris

matching suggestions: Capris are still very attractive. If your legs are the same thin and long, you will have no problem wearing Capris. If you really like cropped pants, it is recommended to choose loose leg styles, such as wide leg pants and straight pants, which will be thinner than tight styles

Choose the pants type according to the leg type: people with low hips and short legs must not wear Capris, otherwise their shortcomings will be exposed. Mm with petite stature should not wear too loose style, which is easy to appear short. It is wise to choose the fitting Capris, and the loose design is more elegant

Color harmony with the top: attention must be paid to the color harmony between the Capri pants and the top, so as not to give people a sense of disconnection

Ribbon Sandals are the most elegant: the elegant and meticulous design of Ribbon Sandals is a perfect match with the leg lines of the cropped pants

Ethnic customs: the tailored cropped straight pants and embroidered shoes full of ethnic customs have a different ancient flavor. The best match is the top of long T and short knitted jacket, which makes the lines from the upper body to the legs very natural, with an indescribable sense of comfort

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  • small high heels

length of cropped pants

cropped pants refer to the length of pants made according to nine tenths (9/10) of a person’s normal pants length. The 9-point trousers are about the length of the ankle, which is a little cleaner than the traditional pants, and the style is not as serious as the pants. Even if the suit pants are made into 9 points, or the trouser legs are rolled in the length of 9 points, they look very lively. It is suggested that people in the workplace can give up their trousers and replace them with 9-point trousers

9-point pants matching

matching suggestions: versatile, good-looking in any way. The 9-point pants have a fresh and capable temperament, which is also suitable for wearing in spring. The 9-point pants are the perfect CP for ankle boots, which can show the most slender ankles without too high length or accumulation of trouser legs

Look1: tight cropped pants + short coat / short cardigan black tight cropped pants show excellent slimming effect. The upper body is casual and fashionable with oversized denim jacket. The whole dress has a good slimming function

Look2: tight cropped pants + long coat tight cropped pants also have the effect of pantyhose. A long coat is worn outside, which is very fashionable in Europe and America. If you are not very tall, you can consider not buttoning up your clothes, which will also show a lazy feeling, especially for girls who follow the line of literary youth

Look6: tight cropped pants + loose sweaters loose sweaters or knitwear make people feel very gentle, and the upper body is relatively spacious, so a tight cropped pants is a very suitable choice for the lower body, and a pair of small white shoes on the feet, which is more comfortable

Look3: the 9-point bell bottoms with the invincible slimming function of horn 9-point pants + leather clothes + Martin boots are particularly durable no matter what kind of tops they are matched with, and they are cool when matched with leather clothes, which well explains the European and American style, and the rate of turning around in the street is simply amazing

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  • Martin boots in Daphne official flagship store

how long pants are appropriate

everyone’s leg length is different. Simple length can’t be said to be appropriate. The body height that is naturally perfect is still a minority after all. Most people still need to tailor their clothes and choose the most appropriate pants length according to different styles and preferences

Suitable length of jeans: it is recommended to wear them barefoot. The jeans just cover the ankle, a little more than 1-2 cm. It’s nice to leave some natural accumulation at the leg of jeans. It will look more refreshing without rolling

Suitable length of casual pants: when standing and walking, try to fit with the leather shoes without revealing the socks (or feet), so as to look better. Wear it with a casual shirt and low top sneakers to reveal a little instep, which is a very casual style

Suit pants are suitable for length: neat suits, beautiful leather shoes and mild or moderate leg accumulation are the perfect match

trousers length and style no break the slide break the medium break
pants features The length of the pants covers the ankles and is basically at the top of the shoes. There is occasional contact but no accumulation of fabric

pants of this length can be placed on the top of the shoe mouth to form very few creases in the front

the deeper the pants are stacked, the more mature, conservative and anti “fashion” people will appear. For middle-aged men who are well-dressed and conservative, a medium level break is a very ideal choice
keywords modern, trendy, streamlined, simple and European

the latest classic, a young businessman, with exquisite tailoring, non avantgarde, taste and no exaggeration

eternal, mature, gentleman, conservative, classic and formal
best partner medium build men, short men, summer pants, narrow leg pants

the vast majority of men, smart businessmen, formal dress, fit but not tight pants

overweight men, conservative businessmen, serious young men, flannel and tweed heavyweight fabrics, small trouser legs

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