Summer Clothing Fabrics For The Middle-Aged And The Elderly Attention To The Selection Of Summer Clothing For The Elderly

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Abstract: the hot summer is coming, and everyone wants to wear fresh and cool. Girls wear skirts and shorts, and boys wear T-shirts and vests. They are not only young, but also very comfortable. But as a special group, the middle-aged and the elderly have a great difference in physique from young people. How should they choose summer clothes? How to choose the fabric of clothing? What is the healthiest and best material for middle-aged and elderly people to wear? Now let’s go and have a look

selection of summer clothing fabrics for middle-aged and elderly people

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The fabric of clothes for the elderly should be soft, preferably cotton. If it is underwear, underwear should generally choose pure cotton fabric, which has strong permeability to the skin and is comfortable and soft to wear. Chemical fiber fabrics should not be used as underwear in direct contact with the skin due to static electricity and dirty factors

2, silk

Silk is a popular fabric for the middle-aged and the elderly, mainly silk. Like cotton, it has many varieties and different personalities. It can be used to make all kinds of clothes, especially for women’s clothes. Its advantages are light, soft, smooth, breathable, colorful, shiny, noble and elegant, and comfortable to wear. Its shortcomings are easy to wrinkle, easy to suck, not strong enough, and fast fading. In terms of middle-aged and elderly clothing fabrics, high-quality and high-grade fabrics are mostly characterized by comfort, sweat absorption and ventilation, draping and crisp, soft touch and so on. When making clothes for formal social occasions, pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk and pure linen products should be selected

3, wool chemical fiber

Fabrics such as wool and chemical fiber products are easy, soft, crisp and colorful, and have always been loved by people. However, the allergens in these fabrics will irritate the skin to a certain extent and easily lead to allergic dermatitis. In addition, the poor permeability and moisture absorption of chemical fiber fabrics will affect the evaporation and excretion of sweat in the elderly. Some clothes generate static electricity when they rub against each other or with the skin. These static electricity will have adverse effects on the skin under the long-term effect, and will be detrimental to the health of the elderly. Therefore, an appropriate amount of wool and chemical fiber fabrics can be selected to make the clothing not too monotonous

summer clothing fabric selection for the elderly

In early summer, the weather is getting warmer and warmer. People take off their thick clothes and put on light clothes. At this time, the choice of fabric is very important. Hot weather, thin and light is our first choice

1. The elderly should consider when choosing. Unlike young people, whose skin is oily and sweaty, they should choose pure cotton or worsted cotton. Moreover, you can choose cotton silk texture, which is light, thin and soft. Silk is OK, but it’s hard to take care of

2. The elderly can also consider two aspects when choosing. Go out and stay at home. When you go out to attend important places, your first choice is our national color — pure silk fabric, pure mulberry silk fabric, light and luxurious. With traditional retro temperament

3. It is best for the elderly to choose pure cotton or worsted cotton at home, or cotton silk or woven cotton silk. Comfortable, smooth and breathable

4. Now there is another kind of fabric, chiffon fabric. It is popular in recent years. The elderly should choose twoorthree pieces appropriately. It is breathable and smooth, elegant and bright in color, with only a little poor water absorption

5. There is also a cotton linen blend fabric, which is also a good choice. It is rough, straight, smooth and breathable. It is one of the fabrics of choice in summer. If matched with traditional patterns, it will show more national style

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