2022 Ranking Of Top Ten Brands Of Cropped Pants Ranking Of Cropped Pants Brands [Latest List]

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2022 top ten quintiles brand ranking list is a top ten quintiles brand ranking list launched by cn10 technology research department and CNPP brand data research department. The list is obtained by cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection and sorting, based on big data statistics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, vote like and professional evaluation according to changes in market and parameter conditions. It aims to attract wide attention of the society, lead the development direction of the industry, promote the rapid development of more quintuple pants brands, and provide a platform for many quintuple pants strength enterprises to fully display their own strength. It is ranked in no order, but only for reference

Top ten brands 2022 top five Leggings brand list

  • Yiyang esey (Zhengzhou Yunding Clothing Co., Ltd.)
  • (0371-56999166, founded in 2001, Yiyang is a modern women’s pants enterprise focusing on the R & D, manufacturing, marketing, brand building and promotion of brand clothing. It is committed to providing elegant, exquisite, beautiful and comfortable clothing for modern women aged 25-45. At present, the company’s Park covers a building area of 78000 square meters, has modern production equipment, and its marketing network has covered 23 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.)
  • Yiyang flagship store > Introduce the brand &gt
  • uniqlo UNIQLO (Fast Retailing (China) Trading Co., Ltd.)
  • (021-33382288, a Japanese Listed Company since 1963, is a well-known brand in the global clothing retail industry. Its products include men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, infant clothing, etc. it is famous for its focus on daily practicality, high quality and low price, and for its minimalist design to create classic items for people’s daily wear. The brand adopts supermarket type self-service shopping. By 2020, UNIQLO has more than 2300 stores around the world.)
  • UNIQLO flagship store > Introduce the brand &gt
  • Semir (Zhejiang Semir Clothing Co., Ltd.)
  • (0577-88089999, founded in 1996, is a listed clothing company. It is a brand clothing enterprise characterized by virtual operation and dominated by a series of adult leisure clothing and children’s clothing. It is one of the advantageous enterprises in China’s clothing industry. Its brands include Senma, barabarabara, etc., covering many fields from children to adults, the public to light luxury. It has more than 10000 stores, covering 31 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government.)
  • from JD self operated store > Store Senma flagship store > Introduce the brand &gt
  • Yalida yerad (Zhengzhou YALIDA Clothing Co., Ltd.)
  • (0371-66960666, founded in 1995, Yalida is a large-scale enterprise integrating fashion design, technology research and development, manufacturing, marketing and brand operation. The brand adheres to the fashionable, simple, elegant, comfortable and natural design style, showing the elegance and fashion charm of urban women. The company’s Industrial Park covers an area of 53360 square meters, with a production line of more than 1000 people and sales Network coverage online and offline.)
  • store JD flagship store > Store Yalida clothing flagship store > Introduce the brand &gt
  • handu Yishe (handu Yishe e-commerce Group Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-187-2266, handu clothing house was founded in 2008. It is a representative brand of domestic Internet fast fashion and a popular fashion brand with Korean fast fashion style. Handu clothing house has been recognized by young women consumers because it has launched nearly 30000 new models every year and an average of 100 new models every day. From 2012 to 2018, it led the sales of women’s clothing categories across the Internet for seven consecutive years. By 2020, it has won the favor of more than 50million young women.)
  • handu Yishe flagship store > Introduce the brand &gt
  • mengshuya m ? Suya (Zhengzhou Lingxiu Clothing Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-109-2808, mengshuya was founded in 1993. It is a large professional women’s pants group integrating technical R & D, manufacturing, marketing and brand operation of women’s pants. It mainly serves intellectual women aged 25-45 and pays attention to the charm of women’s pants. It is a women’s pants enterprise that puts forward the aesthetic art concept of women’s pants. Mengshuya takes women’s pants as the core product line, and accessories such as shoes, bags, belts and inner straps as auxiliary categories.)
  • from JD self operated store > Introduce the brand &gt
  • leting Ledin (taipingniao Group Co., Ltd)
  • (leting is subordinate to taipingniao group, which advocates a young and energetic women’s clothing brand with the brand style of “sweet, elegant and energetic”. Leting focuses on young women aged 16-22 who are young, fashionable, sunny and energetic, and advocates mixing different shapes with interesting and fashionable items to decorate different moods, so that many young women who pursue fashion can truly experience the interest of fashion.)
  • dianle town flagship store > Introduce the brand &gt
  • Inman (Guangzhou Huimei Fashion Group Co., Ltd.)
  • (4000-666-355, Inman was founded in 2008. The original design oriented by “cotton and hemp artist” is well-known on the Internet. It is a representative online clothing retail brand with rapid growth in China. It advocates “elegance and simplicity, personality but not publicity” Our products cover women’s clothing, shoes, bags, home furnishings and other categories. At present, Inman stores are located in 179 cities across the country, with more than 600 offline life experience halls.)
  • from JD self operated store > Jingdong flagship store > Introduce the brand &gt
  • Metersbonwe (Shanghai Metersbonwe Clothing Co., Ltd.)
  • (021-3811-9997, Metersbonwe was founded in 1995, focusing on R & D, production and sales of leisure clothing. It is a clothing chain exclusive retail company targeting young people aged 16-25 who are energetic and fashionable. The company owns Metersbonwe, me& city, Michelle, Ch’in ?, moomoo clothing brands, independent e-commerce platform “banggou.com” and fashion matching shopping platform “Fanfan app”)
  • from JD self operated store > Jingdong flagship store > Outlets of Metersbonwe > Introduce the brand &gt
  • Tangshi tonlon (Ningbo Boyang Clothing Group Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-884-8282, founded in 1995, Tangshi is a well-known clothing brand of Boyang group and a brand with large sales of domestic leisure clothing. Tangshi is committed to creating a trend for young trendsetters and is a large group enterprise specializing in fabrics, household textiles, clothing manufacturing and trade. At present, Tangshi has more than 2500 stores and sales networks all over the country.)
  • from JD self operated store > Jingdong flagship store > Tangshi flagship store > Introduce the brand &gt

enter to view the complete list. The list of brands above the list is obtained by the cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection, collation, big data statistical analysis and research. It is sorted in no order and is only provided for your reference. My favorite Capri brand voted &gt& gt; List of famous (famous) pant brands < 2022>£º Including the top ten brands of cropped pants + only, peacebird peachbird, Vero Moda, mo& Co more brands

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