How To Match A Suit Skirt With A Nice Suit Dress

Abstract: the suit skirt is the first choice for the neutral style nowadays. It not only has the ability of strong women, but also has the modesty of mature women. To a great extent, it meets the needs of formality and aura. How to match suit skirt? Because the suit skirt retains the layout of the suit, the first principle of wearing it is to get rid of veteran cadres. It is very OK to wear it with sandals, boots and high heels. Let’s learn about the skills of wearing suits and dresses< p> I. how to match a suit skirt

The matching of the suit skirt is also a lot of yuan. The upper body looks fashionable and concise. Moreover, the comfort and fashion sense of wearing different combinations are different

1. Suit skirt with sandals

Matching the short style suit skirt with sandals, it is very elegant and feminine. It has a different sense of fashion. It looks very feminine. Wearing it like this is very popular in summer and early autumn. Ladies who like temperament and style can have a try

Girls who like the lazy style can choose the combination of sandals and a suit skirt, which makes them look a little simple. Moreover, it also looks fashionable and simple to wear. In different scenes, it can be easily worn. It also shows a full fashion style, which is super eye-catching everywhere

2. Suit skirt with boots

Suit skirt and boots are simple and generous. If the style of boots is more casual, it will have a sense of frankness. This kind of dress design is comfortable to wear, and there are many suitable scenes. It can well wear out its own unique temperament, and it is super harmonious when going out on the street or going out for fun

The boots with a little hollowed out design can be easily worn in summer and early autumn, making them comfortable and comfortable to wear. The upper body is combined with a suit skirt, which can present a novel and unique fashion sense. Then you can easily deduce your own thousands of Customs by matching it with your favorite beauty package

The suit skirt decorated with fashion elements, such as striped plaid or some fashion prints, is combined with pure color boots to create a hierarchical aesthetic feeling, and the overall three-dimensional feeling is also super great. With the fashionable beauty bag on the upper body, you can well deduce your unique temperament. In which scene, it is very outstanding

3. Suit skirt with belt

After matching the waistband with the suit skirt, the golden ratio of three-thirds of the body will be achieved, which virtually points out the waistline. Moreover, it can also well set off the slim waist curve beauty, and make the skirt not look so stiff. Wearing a pair of high heels you like can well show your unique style

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II. Wearing skills of suits and dresses

1. Pay attention to detailed design

Most of the girls who choose to wear a suit skirt are white-collar office workers. In order to ensure a sense of refinement and formality, we must pay attention to the matching details when wearing it. For the suit skirt, these two details need attention: first, the flatness of the cloth; Ironed clothes will make you look high-grade and stylish, and give people a comfortable and tidy look. Second, the draping feeling of the skirt; The flexible use of bandages adds a sense of elegance, neutralizes the stiffness of the suit skirt, and looks feminine

2. Ensure a sufficient sense of hierarchy

In order to ensure the simplicity and advanced sense of the suit skirt, designers usually design them into solid color styles. If the design of the style is insufficient, it is easy to make the final shape too monotonous. Xiaobian’s suggestion is that everyone should try to choose the pleated suit skirt, increase the sense of hierarchy with the help of fabric pleats, make the color matching and style simple and appropriate, and the final shape will be harmonious and beautiful

3. Pay attention to the construction of body proportion

¢Ù create bump

The reason why the hourglass figure has the most artistic beauty lies in the “concave convex feeling”. Straight lines make people feel stiff, while curves make people feel soft. When wearing a suit skirt, we should tighten the waistline to balance the shoulders, waist and hips. There are wide, narrow, open and close, showing a delicate body curve

¢Ú lengthen body lines

The purpose of extending the body lines vertically is to make us look taller and thinner. The suit skirt itself has a very high waistline, which enlarges the proportion of our legs to a certain extent. At this time, the shoes with the same color system are worn. The color is unified, and the extension of the vertical color will not be interrupted. It not only ensures the high-level simplicity of the color matching, but also helps us wear a slender body

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