How To Match Short Down Jackets? Good Looking Women’s Short Down Jacket Matching Guide

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Abstract: when winter comes, many people will wear down jackets to keep warm. For girls, many people will choose long down jackets, but short down jackets are still the favorite of many people. So, how to match the short down jacket? In fact, for girls with good figure, how to match is very beautiful. Of course, we should pay attention to certain methods, such as matching skirts is very good! Let’s take a look at this matching guide for women’s short down jackets with Xiaobian

how to match short down jackets

How to match the short down jacket? In fact, there are skills in matching short down jackets. Let’s take a look at the matching guide of short down jackets

1. Printed short down jacket + Beige striped skirt

The printed pink short down jacket has the flavor of spring. It is full of spring and very warm and fashionable. It is more vibrant with beige striped skirt

2. Beige short down jacket + tight skirt

The short Beige down jacket is very warm, the fluffy design of the hat is unique, the waist is slightly girded to reduce the feeling of bloated, and it is more lovely and pitiful to match with the fluffy skirt

3. White short down jacket + tight skirt

The pure white short down jacket has a tight waist, showing a super waist shape. It has a unique flavor when paired with tight skirts and retro stripes. It’s even more charming with cute little hats and boots

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4. Red short down jacket + knitted skirt

The bright red short down jacket is very eye-catching, and the large lapel design is full of atmosphere. It is beautiful and charming with knitted short skirts and boots. The little hat is very bright and charming

5. Bright pink short down jacket + gray lotus leaf skirt

Candy colored bright pink short down jacket, very cute and sweet. It’s cute and cute to wear it with grey Ruffle Skirt and grey leggings, which makes it look like a little sister next door

6. Red short down jacket + white lace puffy skirt

The bright pink short down jacket is very conspicuous. The classic design of double row buttons reduces the monotonous feeling, and it looks like a little princess with a white lace fluffy skirt

7. Green short down jacket + lotus leaf skirt

The bright green short down jacket, with a silk design at the bottom, is very cute with a black lotus leaf skirt. Vintage striped high legged socks are also very eye-catching

8. Light blue short down jacket + lotus leaf skirt

The light blue down jacket is made of special materials, and the tight waist design is unique. Match it with dark gray Ruffle Skirt, which is full of aura. Stitched sneakers are more visible

9, whitedown jacket + black umbrella skirt

Matching demonstration: the white down jacket is romantic and feminine. It is very playful to match with the black umbrella skirt. The black stockings and black boots show the length of legs, and the bright color on the upper body is very practical

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