How To Match The Skirt And Pants With The Top? What Shoes Do The Skirt And Pants Match With

Abstract: skirt pants are the choice for many girls to wear in summer. They not only have the safety and convenience of pants, but also have the elegance, romance, looseness and comfort of skirts. They are a combination of pants and skirts. So how do the skirt pants match the top? What shoes do you wear with skirt pants? There are many ways to wear skirts and pants, which can be simply matched with T-shirts, shirts, short sleeves or vests, and flat shoes or high heels can be worn for shoes. Now let’s learn about the wearing skills of skirt pants< p> I. how to match skirt and trousers with tops

The appearance of skirt pants is like a skirt, but actually they are pants. This kind of dress protects the privacy and safety of girls without losing their beauty. There are many kinds of skirt and trousers. Different skirt and trousers match different tops

1. If there is leather fabric on the skirt and pants, it will feel a little like autumn and winter, and a little punk. We can match clothes according to the style of skirt and pants, for example, with tight knit long sleeves, which will be more suitable

2. If your skirt and pants are made of cloth, it feels like commuting. Especially for the style of Western skirt and pants, it is better to wear a shirt (short sleeved shirt or sleeveless shirt) on the upper body and a belt, which will look better

3. If your skirt and pants are tight, like a hip wrap skirt, you’d better wear tight short sleeves or vest on your upper body, and then your clothes will be tucked into your skirt and pants, making you look particularly capable

4. If it is loose skirt pants, the upper body can be matched with ordinary T-shirts, which is particularly casual and a very good look for age reduction

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II. What shoes to wear with skirt pants

1. Pair with flat shoes

For short skirt pants, you can match flat shoes, such as canvas shoes, board shoes and sports shoes. The short skirt pants are more energetic and vigorous. It is more convenient to match them with simple, light and effortless flat shoes. Moreover, the flat shoes are easy and comfortable to walk without too much pressure on the feet. They are very suitable for energetic girls

2. Pair with high heels

For girls with long skirt pants, they can choose to wear high heels. The length and design of long skirts and pants can easily make girls mature and show their temperament, and high-heeled shoes can also well show women’s unique sexuality and femininity. Therefore, when wearing long skirts and pants, you can choose to wear a pair of mature and good-looking high-heeled shoes, which can not only avoid stepping on the trouser legs, but also add a sexy style to the whole, which is very good for the overall shape, and is more suitable for mature girls

III. how to match skirt pants

1. Blue sweater + blue skirt pants

The blue sweater matches with the blue skirt pants, which is very fashionable and bright. It is also very thin. Any leg type mushroom cooler can try this kind of dress

2. White winter clothes + black skirt pants + white scarf

The white winter clothes with black skirt pants are warm and fashionable, as beautiful as skirts and as convenient as trousers

3. Black Vest + black skirt pants + black sandals

The black vest is matched with black skirt pants and black sandals. The whole set of black clothes is fashionable and handsome, full of high street style

4. Black T-shirt + white vest + white skirt pants + black and white vertical stripe sandals

Black T-shirt with white vest and white skirt pants, elegant and capable, coupled with a pair of black vertical stripe sandals, is a fashionable girl in the office

5. White Jumpsuit + trench coat + ROMAN SANDALS

The white one-piece skirt pants are fresh and elegant. They are worn with a trench coat on the shoulder. They are very fashionable and very thin

6. White vest + black skirt pants + white fish mouth shoes

White vest and black skirt pants are simple and handsome. Coupled with a pair of white fish mouth shoes, they add some femininity

7. White sweater + black skirt pants + black high heels

White sweater and black skirt pants are both warm and thin. Coupled with a pair of black high heels, they are simple in winter

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