The Dressing Guide For Boys Of All Ages Is Fashionable And Stylish. It’s That Simple

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there are little boys at home. Many parents don’t know how to dress their children well, so how can Boys Dress and match up in fashion? Parents always want their children to wear cool clothes. When choosing clothes for children, they should not only consider fashion, but also ensure their children’s health and comfort! There are different suggestions for the dressing collocation of boys of different ages. Here is a dressing guide for boys of different ages. Let’s make your little boy into a handsome boy

0-1 years old

0-1 monthsbabies need safe, loose, breathable and sweat absorbing clothes, which should be easy to wear and take off. Cotton cardigan is the most suitable intimate underwear for babies of this month. It is also a good choice to take off the front Jumpsuit as a coat, which is convenient for parents to hold the baby and change the baby’s diaper

1-3 monthsit is suggested to choose pure cotton and light colored clothes first. Of course, monk clothes are necessary! Depending on the season, you can choose monk clothes with long sleeves, short sleeves and different thickness. It is recommended to prepare 2 or 3 small sizes and more than 4 slightly larger sizes. The small sizes are for babies before the full moon, and the larger sizes can be worn until 3 or 4 months

3-6 monthsyou can wear one-piece clothes, fart wrapped clothes, and split Pullover underwear. The advantage of one-piece clothes is to protect the baby’s belly from catching cold. Pullovers include vests and long sleeves

6-12 monthstoddlers are prone to fall, and the safety of clothing is still very important. Close fitting clothes are still recommended to be mainly light colored and pure cotton. One-piece clothes and split underwear suits are still the mainstream.

1-3 years old

don’t wear ropesthere are ropes on the clothes, so the baby is easy to put in his mouth, which is not hygienic. Second, if the rope is accidentally hung around the baby’s neck, it will bring great potential safety hazards

don’t wear zippersthe baby is naturally mobile. The zipper is pulled around by the baby, which is easy to clamp body parts and bring potential safety hazards to the baby

don’t wear decorationsfor example, some clothes are inlaid with beads, sequins and other trinkets, and the baby will grasp them curiously. If you don’t carefully put them in your mouth, it is a very dangerous thing

don’t be tightthe baby is still young and the body is still in the development stage. Tight clothes and pants will cause the blood circulation of the baby’s body to be blocked, which will have a certain impact on growth and development

light colorlight and plain colors should be selected, such as milky white, light pink, light blue. These clothes generally do not contain fluorescent powder and are not easy to fade

style recommendationschildren’s wear is mainly split clothes. Choose simple cotton tops, round neck T-shirts, polo shirts, small vests, and loose pants for easy wearing and taking off

3-5 years old

3-5-year-old boys are at a fun age. They spend most of their time playing and playing games. The most perfect thing is to choose loose and casual clothes with coordinated color matching. Boys of this age can have some simple and warm colors, which don’t need to be too complicated. They will have their own preferences, and can choose clothes with the patterns of their favorite cartoon characters and animals. In addition to casual sportswear, you can also wear T-shirts with suspenders, giving people a sense of a little gentleman

5-7 years old

in the choice of clothing styles, general styles can be controlled. At this time, parents can dress their children freely according to their wishes. At this time, the little boy has reached school age, and the amount of exercise in kindergartens and schools will increase accordingly, so loose and comfortable sports suits are still the first choice. You can also choose some small shirts in solid colors, match them with small waistcoats and small trousers to create an academic style

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