What Are The Necessary Items For Seaside Tourism? Please Keep This Detailed List Of Seaside Vacations!

  • swimsuit
  • sunglasses
  • beach shoes
  • straw hat
  • sunscreen
  • waterproof bag
  • children’s toys
  • beach blanket / mat
  • other equipment

what are the necessary items for seaside tourism? What do you need to prepare for going to the seaside? Many people like to go to the seaside in hot weather. Wearing sexy swimsuits can make fun of the water. Whether you go to the nearest seaside or fly to the island from afar, in addition to carrying swimsuits , you can perfectly enjoy leisure time with more beach vacation equipment. Next, Xiaobian will circle the common seaside vacation necessities for you. Please keep this detailed seaside vacation list< p> How can you go to the beach without going to the beach? If you want to stand out from the crowd and become the focus, a textured swimsuit that develops strengths and circumvents weaknesses is a good choice. A good swimsuit can not only make your swimming posture more elegant, but also make you second kill the passers-by in the show shopping tips: first, measure the size of swimsuit according to the size of your torso and chest, which should be half a yard or one yard smaller than the size of your clothes; The swimsuit fabric should be thick rather than thin, with good elasticity and not easy to deform; Women with small breasts are advised to choose swimsuits with smart tailoring, such as wrinkles on the chest, cross ties, etc. do not buy low V-neck swimsuits; Fatter women had better choose swimsuits made of thicker and firmer materials to help tighten the abdomen< Strong> []

seaside vacations often face warm sunshine. It is difficult to maintain expression during beauty shooting, and those who squint and squint their eyebrows are not good-looking. Sunglasses are an artifact for seaside vacations. They not only prevent sand and glare, but also protect the eyes and eye circumference from the sun, and dress up cool shopping tips: choose the right pair of sunglasses according to your face shape, for example, choose the sunglasses with thick frame and square frame for a round face; Carefully observe the lens. If the fluorescent lamp shadow reflected by the mirror is wavy or has water patterns, it proves that the lens is uneven and may damage your vision after wearing; Regular anti ultraviolet solar lenses must be marked with anti ultraviolet grade (UV): UVA, UVB and UV400, all of which have anti ultraviolet function< Strong> []

beach shoes are very important and easy to be ignored seaside equipment. Wearing beach shoes into the water can prevent feet from being hurt by hard objects such as marine animal shells or stones, and can also easily wash away the adhesive sand. How can such soft and comfortable beach shoes not make you happy to play in the water

Shopping tips: pay attention to the material and texture of the sole when buying. Thermoplastic rubber is a good choice. It is more wear-resistant, with moderate thickness and hardness, and has certain anti-skid performance; Beach shoes are mainly light and comfortable, so you should choose light ones; We should also look at the belt of the shoes. It should be suitable for the needs of seaside play. It can’t be lost after soaking for several times; Beach shoes should be compact and fit, with a certain curve to avoid easy kicking< Strong> []

it is impossible to hold a sun umbrella at all times when playing at the seaside. This is not only inconvenient, but also not completely open to play. And a straw hat on the head, with its own romantic style, can not only protect the sun, but also modify the face. It is conceivable how beautiful and elegant it is for a girl wearing a straw hat to walk on the sunny beach

shopping tips: the bigger the beach straw hat, the better. In this way, the larger the shelter position, and the better the sun protection; No matter what kind of straw hat you choose, you must have the characteristics of light, thin, thin and cool, so as to speed up the heat dissipation; Straw hats should be matched with clothes to show the beauty of the overall shape. Straw hats with the same color as clothes can be selected; White skin can be matched with straw hats of any color. Darker face is suitable for slightly lighter colors. Never be pure white< Strong> []

when you go to the beach to play, the sun is burning. It is important to apply sunscreen, not only to whiten, but also to prevent sunburn. It is better to apply sunscreen not only on your face, but all over your body, especially on your shoulders, chest and back. An easy-to-use sunscreen allows you to enjoy yourself at the seaside shopping tips: do a skin test before buying, and choose a sunscreen suitable for your skin type. For example, for oily skin, choose a water-based sunscreen with strong penetration, and for dry skin, choose a cream like sunscreen; Pay attention to the SPF value of sunscreen. The higher the value, the longer the protection time; Before purchase, try it on the wrist skin to see if there is allergic reaction. It can be purchased and used only after half an hour without sensitive symptoms< Strong> []

going all the way to the seaside to play without enjoying the water is a great pity for the beautiful scenery and pleasant mood. It is worth noting that the bag that accompanies you to play in the water should be waterproof. Computers, mobile phones, wallets, clothes, etc. are all packed in the bag, so they can not be subjected to a “wet disaster” shopping tips: in addition to being waterproof, the fabric of the waterproof bag must also have the properties of wear resistance and tear resistance. Otherwise, it will break when rubbed, which will also affect the waterproof performance and the mood of playing. Generally, PU coated nylon fabric is a good choice; Also pay attention to whether the sewing line is firm, whether the opening is reinforced, whether the bottom of the waterproof bag is reinforced with double-layer treatment, and whether the contact point between the strap and the main body of the waterproof bag is firm enough< strong>¡¾¡¿

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