what color coat does the blue dress go with

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the dress can be said to be an indispensable dress in the girls’ wardrobe. The dress can be worn regardless of age, whether it is young or older. The blue dress is a popular color recently. What color coat is suitable for the blue dress

what color coat does the blue dress match?

first, we should also see whether the dress is dark blue or light blue. Blue also has many color numbers, so we should match the clothes according to the color number

if our dress is dark blue, we can match it with a red coat or a black coat

if we are light blue dresses, it would be good to match with coats, because we can match some light color coats as well as some dark color coats

for example, if we use a blue dress with a nude coat, it will give people a sense of maturity

types of skirts

1 Mini skirt: the skirt of the mini skirt is placed above the knee. The one-piece miniskirt is generally called a one-piece miniskirt, while the shorter miniskirt is called a miniskirt

2. Short skirt: there is no obvious boundary between the length of short skirt and mini skirt. It is generally believed that short skirt can be slightly longer than mini skirt. A skirt that is above the knee

3. Knee length skirt: refers to a skirt whose length is just at the knee. However, the skirt length is generally not designed in this position, because the skirt of this length just covers half of the knee, giving people an uncomfortable visual feeling. Generally, the skirt length slightly longer than the knee can be adopted, and the length of this kind of skirt is the most standard and natural

how to choose a dress

women should choose a dress according to their age, personality, body shape, skin color, occupation and hobbies

1. It is better for girls to choose embroidery, trimmings and skirts less than knee length, which can reflect the characteristics of girls’ innocence, liveliness and loveliness. The dress chosen by young women can be of lattice, stripe or lattice size, and the color should be bright and bright

2. Women above middle age should be mature, dignified and beautiful. They should focus on plain colors and pursue a certain sense of stability. They are more suitable for wearing cheongsam style dresses. Women with fair complexion can choose the dress with light popular color, which will appear elegant and beautiful. People with dark skin color can choose clothes with flowers and plaids, and the color should not be too dark

3. Those who are tall and thin can wear circular pleated skirts with bubble sleeves or cage sleeves, and avoid wearing narrow waist dresses

the color code of the blue dress with the coat needs to be distinguished. If it is a dark blue dress, you can match it with a black or light coat. If it is a light blue dress, you can match it with some dark coats

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