What Is The Fabric Of Milk Silk? Is It A Good Tai Chi Training Suit

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Abstract: due to the high temperature in late summer, there are probably two kinds of suitable fabrics, cotton, linen and silk fabrics; There are silk, silk like and other silk like fabrics. Generally, what we see more in the market is the common name of silk, “imitation silk”, and milk silk is the most common kind of imitation silk. Do you know what kind of fabric milk silk is and milk silk Tai Chi practice clothes? Let’s take a closer look at the article

I. what is the fabric of milk silk

Milk silk is not named because of its smooth feel, but mainly because of its production and processing technology. Milk silk is the milk protein obtained by degreasing and dewatering the liquid milk, plus softener to make milk slurry, and then through wet spinning process and scientific treatment, it is spun into milk protein fiber, and further spun into milk silk that can be woven

Characteristics of milk silk fabric:

1. Milk silk fabric is not only different from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk and wool, but also different from chemical fibers such as nylon, acrylic, polyester and polypropylene, so its performance is between natural fibers and synthetic fibers

2. The physical and chemical index test values of milk silk fabric are as follows:

(1) Dry breaking strength ≥ 2.5cn/dtex

(2) Coefficient of variation of dry breaking strength ≤ 14%

(3) The dry elongation at break is 16.0% – 25.0%

(4) Coefficient of variation of dry elongation at break ≤ 12%

(5) The deviation rate of linear density is ± 4.0%

(6) Coefficient of variation of linear density ≤ 3.5%

(7) Dyeing uniformity (gray card) ≥ grade 3 ~ 4

(8) The moisture regain is 4% – 6%

(9) The antibacterial rate of fiber is ≥ 80%

3. Through the above physical and chemical index test values of milk silk fabric, we can see that milk silk fabric is green and environmental friendly, and has strong comfort

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II. Is the milk silk Tai Chi training suit good

Soft satin fabrics with better draping feel. If you think silk fabrics are expensive, you can use imitation silk and milk silk fabrics closer to human body components. The best fabric of milk silk is bamboo milk silk. The key lies in the shiny and reflective characteristics of the fabric. The whole effect of competition or group practice will be better, especially the shooting effect

Advantages of milk silk Tai Chi suit:

1. Softness and skin affinity are equal to or better than cashmere

2. Good ventilation, moisture conductivity and refreshing

3. Whether the color is bright, inferior milk silk will not be bright enough, without the soft and bright luster of high-quality milk silk

4. The wear resistance, pilling resistance, coloring and strength of milk silk are better than those of cashmere

5. Because milk protein contains amino acids, the skin will not reject this kind of fabric, which is equivalent to a layer of human skin, but has a protective effect on the skin

To sum up, milk silk Tai Chi training clothes are a good choice in summer

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