what kind of pants does the wine red sweater match?

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as a street style dress, many stars like to wear the sweater. In daily life, the main reason is that the sweater is easy to wear and comfortable, and the collocation is also very high. The wine red sweater is a fashionable color. What kind of pants is better to match

wine red sweater with what pants

wine red sweater + Black tight leg pants. This suit is a very casual and common collocation. You can wear it at work or shopping. The black pants are thin, and the wine red sweater is white, energetic, simple and comfortable

wine red sweater + black skirt + canvas shoes. This suit is full of leisure style, but the skirt is a little gentle and looks very comfortable. It is of course how comfortable you wear it

wine red sweater + white irregular skirt or black straight pants or denim shorts. Wine red sweater and white skirt make you look like a fairy in seconds. The skin is white and beautiful. It has a casual feeling with black straight pants. It can show long legs and show white legs with cowboy shorts

there are several kinds of fabric for the

there are many fabrics for the sweater, among which the more common are pure cotton, silk, polyester, wool, etc. in addition, according to the thickness of the fabric, from thin to thick, it can be divided into terry cloth, fleece, lambskin, cotton, etc. When choosing a sweater, most of the fabrics are fabrics, and some of them are blended. In addition to fabrics, we also need to consider its style, color and so on

which kind of sweater fabric is the best

each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we can’t say who is better. For example, pure cotton fabric has the advantages of good moisture absorption and breathability, soft hand feeling, comfortable wearing, etc., especially it doesn’t pilling. The disadvantage of pure cotton is that it is easy to lose shape and shrink after washing, and easy to fade

wine red sweater with black tight legged pants looks more casual and energetic on the whole. Wine red sweater with black skirt and canvas shoes has temperament and is cute on the whole. Wine red sweater with denim shorts shows a slim figure

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