What Kind Of Top Does The Bottomed Skirt Match With? What Kind Of Shoes Does The Bottomed Skirt Match

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The bottomed trouser skirt, which is popular in autumn and winter, makes many MM who pursue fashion “beautiful but not frozen” in the cold season. The mini skirt combined with bottoms, which integrates fashion and warmth, has become the favorite of many girls in winter. Whether paired with sweaters, thick T-shirts or cotton padded clothes, bottomed trouser skirts can hold well, allowing you to expose your long legs in the cold winter. If you have any questions about how to match the bottomed trouser skirt, let’s see with Xiaobian how to wear “style” in this winter

how to match the bottomed pants skirt? [winter]

1. Woolen jackets and boots are a common match in winter. The grey bottomed trouser skirt is worn inside, which not only makes the legs of mm more slender, but also this mix and match is more fashionable and personalized. The Striped bottomed shirt is matched with a short jacket, and the camel collar woolen coat is worn outside, which is a very fashionable Korean style winter dress

2. Cotton vest is a very common coat style in winter. The Hooded Vest is matched with a red polka dot sweater, which is very fashionable and simple. The gray bottomed pants skirt is matched with tassel boots, which is a very simple and generous winter collocation, so it is as beautiful and charming as you

3. How can there be less grey in the bottomed pants skirt? The eye-catching grey is fashionable and simple to match in winter. This Hip Wrap Skirt with the design of bottomed pants can also make mm wear a sexy curve. The sweater is covered with a white plush style cotton padded jacket, plus the collocation of black boots, which is very gentle and beautiful

4. Bottomed pants skirt with short snow boots is also a good match. Comfortable and good-looking temperament is beautiful. Hip Wrap Skirt and tight pants make mm wear sexy curves. Striped sweaters are matched with orange woolen overcoats. Such a simple style match shows a lady’s temperament

how to match the bottomed pants skirt? [spring and autumn]

1. Denim shirt is a very popular item in recent years. Loose style denim shirt doesn’t choose MM’s figure. White bottomed shirt with gray bottomed pants skirt, comfortable and beautiful forehead temperament, and black short boots make mm very tall

2. Shirts are very practical and common clothes in early autumn. This blue and white vertical stripe shirt, with a small fresh color and a white vest, has a sense of fashion hierarchy. The lower body is matched with a gray bottomed skirt, which is simple and pleasing to the eye

3. The printed loose top makes mm very romantic. The style of Batman shirt is the thinnest for fat mm. It’s a comfortable and eye-catching match with gray bottomed pants skirt, and it’s very charming with short boots

Watermark the picture

This leopard print white top is very fashionable and good-looking. The style of short front and long back is full of personality and very trendy. The loose hem doesn’t pick the body of mm. The gray bottomed pants skirt with white single shoes is very simple Han fan

matching skills of silk stockings

1. Silk stockings and shoes: the color of silk stockings should be slightly lighter than that of shoes. Large flower patterns and opaque silk stockings should be matched with flat shoes, and small and transparent silk stockings should be matched with high heels

2. Silk stockings and clothes: light colored clothes can be matched with light colored silk stockings, dark clothes can be matched with dark or light colored silk stockings, and the color of silk stockings should be lighter than skirts and pants

3. Social occasions: it is suitable to wear grey silk stockings. Wine red, black, grey and purple will make you look solemn, noble and calm

4. Entertainment places: it is suitable to wear gorgeous colors to express yourself. Bright orange, lemon yellow and water green are the choices of personality

5. Work: you should wear dark silk stockings. Silver grey, dark blue and black will let you show your calm and wise side

6. Family gathering: light colors are very popular. Light pink, pearl white, light yellow and sky blue can all play a role in regulating mood

7. Sports occasions: choose bright colors, red, white and yellow to make you look energetic

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