what pants look good with the yellow sweater

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the yellow sweater is a bright color in the color of the sweater, so it is difficult to match it. Most people don’t know what pants look good with the yellow sweater. I’ll bring you some good-looking clothes

what kind of pants does the yellow sweater match?

1. White bell bottomed pants

the lightweight sweater is most suitable for the first autumn, fresh and comfortable. Bell bottoms return to the fashion stage with the retro trend. The white 7-point bell bottoms are fresh and fashionable. They are matched with the light yellow pullover. They are simple and casual, and have a full sense of vitality and girls. They are fresh and lovely

2. Blue jeans

blue jeans are an essential item in the wardrobe. They are casual and fashionable and extremely versatile. The Yellow hooded sweater is worn with a white T-shirt, which is fresh, casual and very young. The lower body is matched with blue skinny jeans and small white shoes, full of youthful vitality

3. Black jeans

of course, several pairs of small black pants are necessary for everyone. You can match them with any color of top. Black skinny jeans are versatile and very casual. Yellow sweater with black skinny jeans, simple leisure sports style

how to remove oil stains on the clothes

method 1. After the clothes are stuck with oil stains, squeeze some toothpaste to the oil stains, gently wipe them back and forth, and then scrub them with clean water. Some oil stains can be removed in this way

method 2. Smearing alcohol or salt solution on the oil stain can also remove the oil stain

method 3. If the clothes are soiled by cooked oil, immediately soak them in warm salt water for 30 minutes and then scrub them with neutral soap. Pay attention not to use too much force

method 4. In the places where there are oil stains on the clothes, apply the superior oil on average, and then clean them normally after 3-5 minutes

method 5. If you accidentally drop oil stains on the clothes, immediately drop detergent on the oily parts of the cotton clothes and rub them repeatedly. In this way, you can also remove some traces of oil stains

tips for cleaning greasy clothes

Tips 1: soak in warm brine

after soaking greasy clothes in warm brine, rub soap and wash them

tip 2: after smearing toothpaste

passive vegetable oil pollution on clothes, squeeze some toothpaste on the stains, gently wipe it several times, and then scrub it with clean water to remove the oil stains

trick 3: apply the plaster powder

you can mix a little flour and water into a paste and apply it to the oil stains. After 10 hours, dip a brush in some clean water and brush away the powder oil stains

the yellow sweater is equipped with white bell bottoms and white 7-point bell bottoms. It is fresh and fashionable. It is equipped with a light yellow Pullover Sweater. It has a simple leisure style and a full sense of vitality. The yellow sweater is equipped with blue jeans and white shoes to reduce the age and youthful vitality

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