[Women’S Business Wear Selection] Style Type Of Women’S Business Wear Guide For Women’S Business Wear Selection

Abstract: the dress etiquette of working women is also an essential part. Some rules of working women’s dress must be observed by working women. Every working woman can establish a dress style that best reflects her personality and taste. Now, let’s take a look at how to choose the right professional women’s dress according to these workplace women’s dress etiquette< p> [women’s business wear selection] style type of women’s business wear women’s business wear selection guide

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style type of women’s business wear

Women’s social dress is also divided into formal dress and casual dress

Traditional women’s dress can be divided into three types: regular dress, small dress and big dress. In China, the formal dress for social occasions is cheongsam. The cheongsam style is smooth and ingenious, which can best reflect the simplicity, elegance and softness of Oriental women

Women’s professional casual wear includes shirts, skirts, pullovers or fitted trousers, shirts and jackets, etc. There are three basic types of women’s occupations: suits, skirts, jackets or shapeless tops, and dresses or two-piece suits

women’s business wear selection

The basic color of the suit is the best. There is no need for popular colors. Black, brown, gray or striped and broken patterns are good

When choosing a suit. Older and fatter women should be treated differently according to their age, body shape, occupation, temperament and other characteristics. Young women should wear more fashionable suits to highlight the beauty of youth. You don’t have to wear a suit of the same color. You can wear a skirt, vest, etc. Leather shoes, hairstyles, cosmetic bags, etc. must be matched with suits

For women, suits can create a powerful image

office business wear guide

In a more formal professional environment, women should choose formal professional suits; The color of office clothing should not be too eye-catching, so as not to interfere with the working environment and affect the overall efficiency. The clothing shape should be simple and lively. It is not suitable to wear clothing with too complex patterns and too embroidered and dropped objects, so as not to affect the work rhythm of the Office and affect the attention of others. Women can choose clothes with a stable sense of shape, a lively sense of lines, a sense of texture and a strong sense to better express the professional ability of professional women

Exposed, fancy and reflective clothing is taboo in the office. The basic characteristics of clothing styles are dignified, concise, prudent and affectionate

Formal occasions are still the most suitable for formal business clothes such as suits and skirts; For more formal occasions, simple and good quality tops and trousers can also be selected, and women’s high heels can be matched; A more relaxed occasion. Although you can adjust the style of clothes and shoes, you must not forget that professional characteristics are your dress standards

selection of business wear for going out

The most common mistake you make when dressing for work is your desire to dress for expression, which needs to be restrained and avoided

It is advisable to choose a slightly larger official handbag or an elegant laptop document handbag to show the confident and capable professional style of women

The clothing style should be comfortable, appropriate and easy to walk. It is not suitable to wear clothes that are too tight or too loose and airtight

The color and style of clothing should not be complicated. Attention should be paid to matching with hair style, makeup, handbags and shoes. It should not be too exaggerated to interfere with each other’s line of sight. It is not good to be too bright

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