[Suit Matching] How To Match Suits To Look Good A Comprehensive Analysis Of Matching Skills For Men’S And Women’S Suits

In recent years, the popularity of suits is far higher than that of other items, which can be seen from the blockbusters and fashion posters of stars. In the past, suits were the exclusive match for mature men and women. Elegant business men’s clothes and elegant professional women’s clothes gave people the impression of being stable and capable. Nowadays, the popular casual suits and small suits are not only fashionable and full of vitality, but also more casual. They are deeply loved by people. Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to match suits to look good. The following men’s and women’s suit matching skills are fully analyzed. Hurry up

Men’s suit matching business business

business suit is one of the necessary items for men in the workplace. A business suit is indispensable for both work and important occasions. A business suit that looks simple in style also has knowledge in collocation. A suit with good quality can set off your extraordinary bearing. When matching, it should be noted that the color of the suit, shirt and tie should not be the same. The contrast has a sense of integrity, and the trousers should just cover the leather shoes

suit: suitable for dark blue, dark grey, black grey and other stable colors; The fatter ones are suitable for single breasted suits, and the thinner ones are suitable for double breasted suits

Shirt: mainly light or soft colors, such as white, ivory, light gray, light blue, etc

Tie: the color should be brighter than that of the suit. The pattern on the tie should be more conspicuous than that on the shirt, and the texture of silk is more temperament

Trousers: the color and texture of trousers and suits are the same. It is best to choose a suit. The length of trousers should just cover the shoes. Too long or too short is not good-looking

Shoes: generally choose black or brown leather shoes, which should be made of soft cow leather. The style can be pointed, lace up, or set feet; The leather shoes and trousers should be matched with the same color system. Of course, they can also be different color systems, but the color difference should not be too large

leisure leisure

leisure suits inherit the plate type of traditional suits, but most of them adopt the design without lining and shoulder pads, which makes them more relaxed and casual. The color and style are more combined with current popular elements, so they are deeply loved by young men. Compared with business suits, leisure suits have less limitations in collocation and more applicable occasions. In recent years, it is very popular to mix and match casual suits. It is not surprising that suits are matched with T-shirts. There are also jeans and casual shoes. However, the mix and match should be cautious. If you are not careful, it is easy to deviate, and the fashion is interpreted as a ground beetle style

suits: casual suits are generally light or slightly bright colors, such as ivory, Warm Beige, light blue, etc. you can not wear a tie or bow tie

Top inside: casual suits can be matched with bright colored shirts, such as cream yellow, clear water green, or T-shirts or polo shirts

Pants: the traditional matching is casual pants. Shorter cropped pants and cropped pants can also be used. Jeans can also be selected. However, if the color can be compared with the suit, it is best. For example, the light color casual suit is matched with dark pants

Shoes: leather shoes, board shoes and casual shoes are OK. It’s best not to match sports shoes, high top shoes and sandals. [> > details]

matching of women’s suits business affairs

it is essential for working women to have a set of professional women’s clothes that fit their own temperament, especially for enterprises or positions that pay more attention to clothes. Proper professional dress can give people a good impression of being dignified, steady and capable. If you dress too carefully, you will look old-fashioned, old-fashioned and lack of affinity; It is too sexy to directly copy the beautiful styles in fashion magazines. Let’s teach you how to match them

you can choose suit or skirt. The fabric should be good. At least it should be smooth and flat without wrinkle. The side is mainly in cold colors. The pattern and embellishment should not be too much. It is best to choose a slim version

Suit or skirt: the colors are mainly white, black, brown, sea blue, gray and other basic colors. Tender gives people a sense of being subtle, dignified and generous. The style should not be simple, but it is better to be generous and decent

Inside the coat: you can choose a bright shirt or chiffon shirt inside the coat. The color matches the depth of the coat. The hem of the coat should not hang outside, but tuck into the skirt or pants

Socks: if you are wearing a dress, you should match stockings or pantyhose. The color of silk stockings should be consistent with or close to the skin color

Shoes: shoes should not be too fancy. Do not decorate too many shoes. Black or brown shoes are common. You can also choose shoes with the same color as the professional suit. The heels should not be too high

Hugh leisure

the blazer is not only fashionable, but also can show women’s capable temperament. If you want to show your personality in daily life, you must wear a blazer! It will not be too formal, but it can also show personality, which is fashionable and good-looking. So how do you match a small suit to look good? Let me tell you

women’s suits are better matched than men’s. any pair of jeans or casual items can be worn in fashion. Little fat girls don’t choose plaid and round neck suits

Small suit version selection: women with small size should choose short suits with pinched waist, which can lengthen their height; Plump girls are suitable for suits that fit well and can hide meat; Tall and thin girls are most suitable for medium and long silhouette suits

Inner top: casual T-shirt, chiffon shirt and lace shirt can be worn as long as you like, and the color should not be too bright, so as not to dominate

Bottoms: wear with casual pants, jeans or even shorts. In addition, if you choose a long suit, you can wear it directly as a skirt without wearing pants or silk stockings. Just match it with a pair of beautiful high heels

Shoes: fashion shoes, casual shoes, high heels, or trendy little white shoes can hold. [> > details]

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