The Complete Manual Of Spring Dressing And Nursing Will Make You Have A Beautiful Season

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Say goodbye to the cold winter and usher in the warm spring season. Do you know how to dress in spring? In fact, in addition to the different dressing of different groups in spring, the dressing of daily leisure, business workplace, outdoor sports and other different occasions is also different. In addition, the skin is easy to be allergic in spring, so we should take more care of it, and the makeup should be matched with the sunny spring. Next, let’s talk about spring’swear and matchcare, so that you can dress up yourself in all directions and have a beautiful season

Different people wear it in spring

women wear it: women can use windbreaker with striped t in spring, and then match it with jeans, which is capable and thin, suitable for workplace wear; The long knitted cardigan, paired with shirts and leggings, is both sweet and youthful. It is a very spring suit. [details > >]

Men’s wear: in spring, men can wear a shirt inside the sweater, and choose casual pants and white shoes as their bottoms, which have both vitality and cool feeling, and a full sense of aging reduction; Wear a bottomed shirt inside the jacket, coupled with loose jeans and sandals, making it handsome and eye-catching when out of the street. [details > >]

Children’s wear: in spring, children’s clothing should give consideration to warmth and comfort. The coat should be matched with a dress and bottomed socks, which is eye-catching and sometimes fashionable; Boys can wear long T-shirts with jeans, and add a coat if it’s cold, which is convenient to wear and take off and stylish, [details > >]

Middle aged and elderly wear: middle aged and elderly people should pay attention to keeping warm in spring. Knitted cardigans, light colored slim fitting bottoms inside, and a slim fitting casual pants below can show women’s femininity; Dads can wear polo shirts and straight pants inside their jackets, which is simple and classic. [details > >]

Pregnant women wear: in spring, pregnant women can usually use loose maternity skirts with leggings, and then match with a coat, which will not be bound, but also easy to move; Pregnant women’s pants can also be used with T-shirts and knitwear to keep warm to avoid catching a cold. [details > >]

Spring wear on different occasions

daily leisure: women should take comfort and fashion into account in daily leisure wear. Shirts and wide legged pants should be matched to look thin and tall. You can also wear a windbreaker to avoid sudden drop in spring temperature. Men can wear a daily sweater with jeans and a T-shirt inside, which is warm and fashionable to reduce age

Business workplace: professional women mainly wear hip skirts or straight trousers. In spring, wear shirts and chiffon shirts, and prepare a suit jacket or windbreaker, which is more capable. Business men can choose casual trousers with shirts and polo shirts, and wear straight casual pants under them, which is comfortable and capable

Outdoor sports: if it’s running and other exercises, you can choose the combination of pants + short sleeves + sports coat + sports shoes in spring, which can keep warm and easy to wear and take off; For outdoor sports, warm keeping measures should be taken in spring. You can choose rush clothes, rush pants, quick drying clothes and pants, etc

Spring must-have accessories

in spring, in addition to good-looking clothes, you can also use fashionable accessories to decorate, which can also make you beautiful

Necklace: the necklace is a very existential accessory. If it is properly matched, it can immediately make the monotonous and mediocre dress stand out. In spring, it is suitable to choose clavicle chain or Choker, which is dotted around the neck. Whether it is worn alone or folded, it is very eye-catching. [details > >]

silver jewelry: silver jewelry with changeable shapes, coupled with colorful broken diamonds, bows, flowers and other elements, is especially suitable for spring, delicate and sweet, but not publicized

Earrings: large earrings have a strong sense of existence. They are especially suitable for spring outings. Take them out and wear them with small skirts, which brings more layers and details to the wearing, and makes the whole person look more energetic

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spring beauty and skin care

spring skin care strategy: skin in spring is prone to allergy and dryness, so it is necessary to replace moisturizing skin care products suitable for spring use in time, and pay attention to the balance of water and oil; With the gradual intensity of the sun in spring, sunscreen is essential. You can choose sunscreen with SPF30 + or above[details > >]

Spring makeup skills: spring is very suitable for sweet makeup. The color of powder Blusher is mainly light pink, which makes the skin look white and tender; Eye makeup is mainly natural. Simply apply it with eyeliner and eye black; Lip makeup should highlight the sense of luster, with a feeling of pink and tender[details > >]

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