Top Ten Popular Swimsuits List Featured 10 Popular Swimsuits In 2021

The list of top ten popular swimsuits shows that the list of top ten popular swimsuits brands in 2022 has been released. The brands on the list include supitao, arena, Yingfa, zhouke, Decathlon, etc. this list is supported by product data provided by CNPP big data platform. The products of major e-commerce platforms are systematically sorted out based on product price grade, popularity, sales volume, brand awareness The evaluation of Hukou stele and other strength data are used as a reference. The product ranking list is for reference only. It only shows the products sorted and collected by the system for recommendation. The ranking is not divided in order. If there are questions about products not included or recommended, please comment / criticize at the end. Top ten swimsuit products ranking swimsuit shopping knowledge

1. The “flat people” with insufficient breasts do not need to lack confidence in swimsuits. They can make their bodies look fuller by choosing swimsuit styles with three-dimensional folds or ruffles on the front chest. It is best to avoid swimsuits with too simple styles or too single colors

2. Pear shaped figure with thin waist and wide crotch is the most common among oriental girls. To modify this kind of figure, you can try skirt swimsuits and split swimsuits. The hem of the skirt swimsuit can play a role of covering, and the split swimsuit weakens the contrast between the waist and crotch due to the division between them

3. The “hourglass” figure with protruding front and cocking back is the dream of countless women. It is the most suitable for the neck style split swimsuit. It can not only highlight the full upper circumference, but also emphasize the rounded hips and highlight the sexy curve of the body

4. For the “H” family with the same thickness from top to bottom, the one-piece swimsuit designed with high waist line can divert the focus of attention. If you are a skinny “H” shape, you’d better choose a swimsuit with a complicated and luxurious feeling, so that your body is no longer so thin View more related swimsuit shopping guide lists swimsuit online shop rankings

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  • serial number brand online shop name Recommendation Index online shop products
    arena Aruna self operated flagship store 2355 direct online store
    supitao self operated flagship store 2354 direct online store
    Yingfa swimming self operated flagship store 2356 direct online shop
    zhouke self owned brand flagship store 2351 direct online store
    Decathlon self operated flagship store 2278 direct online store
    anlifang official flagship store 1788 Hot selling products ¡Å direct online store
    flagship underwear store 2203 direct online store
    self operated flagship store of balneaire 2229 direct online store
    toswim Tuosheng self operated flagship store 2439 direct online store
    flagship store of No. 1 sports 1923 direct online store

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    serial number brand online store name attention index online store products
    decathlon flagship store 227143 direct online store
    Adidas flagship store 152284 Hot selling products ¡Å direct online store
    flagship store of anel 63636 hot selling products ¡Å direct online store
    love flagship store 51107 hot selling products ¡Å direct online store
    Anlifang flagship store 48793 hot selling products ¡Å direct online store
    maniffen flagship store 39149 Direct online store
    camel official flagship store 33823 direct online store
    decathlon online mall 29962 popular products ¡Å direct online stores
    supitao flagship store 26290 direct online store
    Yingfa online mall 25808 hot selling products ¡Å direct access to online stores

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