What Is Bikini Jeans? How To Maintain Bikini Jeans

Absrtact: if you think the shape of jeans is too single? It’s OK. Japan has designed and produced a bikini jeans. These pants perfectly combine bikini and jeans. They not only have the sexiness of bikini, but also can set off the shape of jeans. Bikini jeans are not only bold and Avantgarde, but also a great test of women’s body, because bikini jeans are designed to highlight women’s hips and waist. Now let’s learn about bikini jeans with Xiaobian< p> I. what are bikini jeans?

bikini jeans are a kind of jeans produced by Sanna’s Brazil fashion in Brazil. These pants perfectly combine bikini and jeans, which can not only reflect the shape of jeans, but also reflect the sexy of bikini. Jeans have a lower waist, which is suitable for bold and Avantgarde women

on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, some avant-garde women can already be seen wearing these jeans. In addition, women wearing these jeans can be seen occasionally on the commercial streets of Britain

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II. Maintenance methods for bikini jeans

1. The best cleaning time for jeans is 6 to 12 months

ordinary friends wear jeans for a week or put them into the washing machine when they are a little sweaty (dirty). In fact, this is fatal to jeans, If you do this for a long time, your jeans will be out of shape, and you won’t have intimate comfort and beautiful leg shape

the correct method should be: try to clean it once every 6-12 months. If you sweat a lot in summer, you can hang your jeans in a ventilated place, spray some water on them, and let them dry in the wind, so that the sweat smell on your jeans won’t disappear; If the jeans are stuck with some dirty things, you can spray clean water on the dirty places, then gently remove the dirty things, and hang them in a well ventilated place as above, and dry them naturally

2. Do not dry clean or machine wash when cleaning for the first time

you must have the impression that jeans must be hard when they are taken out after washing and drying. In addition to using detergent, there is also a layer of glue on the tannin cloth. Therefore, try not to use machine cleaning or dry cleaning for the first time. It is better to wear it on your body for cleaning. This way, the jeans will be more in line with your leg shape, and the wearing effect will be better. After cleaning, hang it up in a ventilated place and dry it naturally

3. Jeans must be treated with color preservation before washing.

jeans must be treated with some basic color preservation before washing, otherwise they will be washed white soon. In fact, the color preservation treatment is very simple. Before washing, soak the jeans in a basin with water, and then put two teaspoons of white vinegar or salt into it for about half an hour. In this way, the color fading of the treated jeans will not be so serious

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