What Is The Correct Way To Wear A Swimming Cap? Use And Purchase Of Swimming Caps

Wearing a swimming cap when swimming is a basic equipment and a basic courtesy. Wearing a swimming cap is used to prevent ear shock and protect the head, prevent the hair from being completely immersed in chlorine containing water, effectively protect the hair, reduce the damage of the pool water to the hair, and prevent hair injury. It can also reduce resistance and make swimming faster. The common way to wear a swimming cap is to use both hands to slightly clench their fists into the cap, open the cap, and then wear it from the top of the head. The standard wearing method has more requirements. Let’s learn about it with Xiaobian. The role of swimming cap


1. Prevent hair loss, dirty the pool water, and keep the pool water clean. In addition, people will not wrap their hands around their hair when swimming

2. After wearing the swimming cap, the resistance is small and the swimming speed is faster

3. The plastic swimming cap can prevent the hair from too much contact with the pool water. There is chlorine bleach in the pool water, which will hurt the hair. If you swim often without the plastic swimming cap, your hair will dry and turn yellow

4. Wearing a swimming cap when swimming is a basic equipment and a basic courtesy. Especially for women with long hair, their hair will not float around in the water and will not be easily pulled off

5. It can keep the head warm in winter

correct wearing of swimming cap

1. Before swimming, prepare several hair clips, which should be flat, the more flat the better, and the longer the better

2. After changing the swimsuit, roll the hair up to the top of the head. Remember to roll the hair evenly. Don’t roll the hair to a point, or it will look convex. Try to tighten it. Then clamp it with a clip to make it collapse and close to the scalp. Try not to make it too fluffy. Basically, just a few clips are enough. Press the hair on the scalp (even if the hair tail is a little hanging)

3 When you pick up the hat, you should pay attention to the edge in the middle, which should face the center of the eyebrow. Use both hands to slightly clench your fists and reach into the swimming cap, then open the cap and wear it from the top of your head. Don’t prop up with your fingernails to avoid breakage. Remember to cover your hair. It’s normal if you can’t cover the hair ends. Then slowly grasp the hair ends with your hands and stuff them into your hat. It doesn’t need to be neat. Just stuff your hair in. Wet your hair before you go into the water and then wear a hat. It is easier for your hair to fold into the hat. At the same time, it can also increase the friction with the hat

should the swimming cap cover the ears?

many athletes cover their ears in order to further reduce resistance, and many people feel uncomfortable covering their ears. This depends on the person. If you want to cover your ears, after you tuck your hair into the swimming cap, adjust it so that you can stretch it comfortably to cover the whole ear

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