What Style Of Women’S Jeans Look Good? How To Match Women’S Jeans

Abstract: jeans have always been one of the pants in women’s wardrobes. It is not easy to wear simple women’s jeans, which should be matched according to the style of women’s jeans. What kind of jeans do you have for women? Common styles include high waist, slim fit, straight tube, broken hole, Harun, etc. for example, Harun and broken hole are suitable for matching with protective clothing and board shoes, while the slim fit and high waist matching with shirts and high heels look more streamlined and feminine. Let’s take a look at the women’s jeans guide< p> I. what style of women’s jeans look good

1. Small leg jeans

Small leg jeans can be said to be the most common style nowadays. The cone-shaped design makes the calf to ankle appear thinner. Even if the leg shape is not good, you can wear a good figure. And it has high collocation rate, good slimming and slimming, and is deeply loved by fashion experts. If you have a good figure, you might as well choose a more close fitting high waist skinny jeans to show your perfect curve

2. Denim wide leg pants

Do you still remember the bell bottoms that were popular when you were a child? In the 1980s, it was almost all over China. Now this popular wind is blowing back, and with the retro wind sweeping the world, this momentum is getting stronger and stronger. Choose wide leg jeans with flat bottomed white shoes to give people a free and easy feeling

3. Torn jeans

The weather is obviously starting to get colder. Seeing that the day of wearing autumn pants is getting closer and closer, the girls still don’t take the time to wear fashionable and uninhibited torn jeans. Versatile torn jeans can help you hold all styles

4. Denim Harlan pants

Cowboy Harun pants are also a very popular style in autumn and winter this year. Its upper Panasonic narrow design can play a good role in slimming legs and lifting hips. Especially for skinny girls, loose cowboy Harlan pants can well modify your leg curves and make your body look more symmetrical. Detailed &gt& gt;

II. What do you think of the size of women’s jeans

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The size of women’s jeans is usually marked on the waist of the pants. You can pay attention to the marks on the waist when shopping. Generally, women’s jeans have two size marks, one is marked with English letters, such as “s, m, l, XL”, and the other is marked with numbers, such as “25, 26, 27, 28”. What size 28 are the ladies’ jeans? Size 28 generally refers to “L”, which is what we usually call “medium”. [women’s jeans size standard comparison table > >]

III. how to match women’s jeans

1. What kind of tops do women’s jeans match

Collocation 1: jeans + black sweater

Black sweater should be a necessary item for our daily wear. It is fashionable, casual and versatile. It is very nice to wear it with a pair of casual blue jeans

Collocation 2: jeans + grey cotton linen shirt

Cotton linen clothes are very popular in recent years. The gray cotton linen shirt is comfortable and generous. With a pair of blue jeans, it is not only foreign, but also very thin

Collocation 3: jeans + white shirt

White shirts should be a must-have item for us all year round. They are very nice to wear either outside or inside. Matching them with a pair of jeans is fresh, generous and fashionable

2. What kind of shoes do women’s jeans go with

Collocation 1: jeans + high top shoes

High top shoes have a very street flavor, while jeans have a natural and concise beauty. Such a combination is the heart of many fashionable elites. It is not only comfortable, durable, versatile, but also full of youth

Pair 2: jeans + flat sole shoes

Jeans and flat sole shoes look casual, but sometimes fashionable feel is the most comfortable when walking out in summer

Collocation 3: jeans + slippers

Jeans with a pair of simple slippers can easily concave the shape, so it is very cool to wear. It is a casual and lazy feel. There is no matching pressure, which can perfectly demonstrate the wearing of hot summer

Collocation 4: jeans + sneakers

Fashion is simple and casual. Cowboy is the representative of casual and uninhibited. Although it is an official match with leather, sports shoes are the blue confidant of cowboy

IV. what are the brands of women’s jeans

Well known brands of women’s jeans include levi’s Levi’s, Lee, only, Yiyang esey, Semir, etc. [women’s jeans brand ranking > >]

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