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with China gradually becoming the world’s largest clothing consumer, the large-scale emergence of the domestic children’s clothing industry has also formed a new market trend. That is, more and more 421 family structures make children the main body of the market. As many children are “only young ones”, parents are very concerned about the quality of children’s clothing products. Environmental friendly, healthy, trendy and diversified children’s clothing products are increasingly favored. What are the brands of children’s wear? Now let’s introduce the top ten brands of children’s wear for your reference

understand the children’s clothing market

according to the relevant statistical data of the National Bureau of statistics in 2011, there are 222million children and adolescents aged 0-14 in China. According to the per capita consumption situation in China, combined with the data of relevant questionnaires, it is predicted that the consumption scale of children’s clothing in China has reached 150billion yuan. At the same time, considering that the birth rate in 2011 was 11.93 ‰, at a high level, it means that the scale of China’s children’s clothing market will continue to expand, The development situation is optimisticenter the children’s wear knowledge lecture

top ten brands of children’s clothing

  • balabalabala (Zhejiang Senma Clothing Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-8877-588, Balabala was founded in 2002, belongs to Senma clothing group, and its products comprehensively cover clothing, shoes, home furnishings, travel and other categories for children aged 0-14 years. It is a leading children’s fashion lifestyle brand in China. The brand advocates that “childhood is different “It advocates that children can enjoy a free and different childhood. In recent years, Balabala is in the forefront of the domestic children’s clothing market.)
  • from JD self owned store > JD flagship store > store minibalabala flagship store > brand introduction >
  • Anil (Shenzhen Anil Co., Ltd.)
  • (0755-28895666, aner was founded in 1996. It is a well-known children’s clothing brand in China and a clothing enterprise specializing in the design and operation of medium and high-end children’s clothing. The company takes green fabrics, simple and novel styles, comfortable and generous wearing, and giving children authenticity as its design philosophy. For children aged 0-12, it provides a variety of products such as tops, coats, pants, skirts, home clothes and so on. At present, the company has established more than 1400 physical stores across the country. On February 2 Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017, stock code: 002875.)
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  • pepco (Guangdong xiaozhubanna Clothing Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-678-9881, little pig banner was founded in Hong Kong, China in 1995. It is a very large and influential children’s clothing enterprise in China. It is a modern comprehensive retail brand enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Its products are targeted at children aged 0-15, including casual clothes, jeans, coats, down jackets, dresses, etc. so far, little pig banner has nearly 1500 franchised chain stores across the country, and its sales network covers all parts of the country and Asia , Europe, America and other regions.)
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  • Anta children (Anta (China) Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-858-2020, Anta children belongs to Anta Group, which was founded in 2008. It is a leading children’s sports culture brand in China. Its products include clothing, shoes and accessories for children aged 0 to 14. Relying on the full line technical support of Anta Group, it designs and produces materials, designs and tailoring according to the development characteristics of Chinese children, so as to meet the daily wearing needs of children for school, sports, travel and other occasions.)
  • from JD self operated store > Store JD flagship store > Anta Anta children’s flagship store > Introduce the brand >
  • minipeace (taipingniao Group Co., Ltd.)
  • (0574-56186807, minipeace was founded in 2011. It is a fashionable children’s clothing brand of taipingniao group, a diversified large clothing enterprise integrating clothing brand creativity, design and marketing. The brand is positioned at urban fashionable children aged 3-10, and “see the world with childlike innocence” For the design concept, the comfortable clothing fabrics are integrated into the fashionable and fit layout design, and strive to give children a comfortable skin feeling. The products cover coats, trousers, dresses, home clothes and other series.)
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  • mqd maqidun (Ningbo maqidun children’s products Co., Ltd.)
  • (mqd children’s wear, founded in 2010, is a company dedicated to brand operation services in children’s clothing, supplies and education industries. Mqd product series is targeted at urban boys and girls aged 3-12. With personalized tailoring, strict selection of fabrics, childlike design, it returns to children’s demands for wearing experience, presents a childlike fashion atmosphere for children, and focuses on accompanying and caring for the growth of children at every stage.)
  • store JD flagship store > Mqd maqidun flagship store > Introduce the brand >
  • UNIQLO UNIQLO (Fast Retailing (China) Trading Co., Ltd.)
  • (021-33382288, founded in 1963 in Japan, is a listed company in Japan and a well-known brand in the global clothing retail industry. Its products include men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, infant clothing, etc. it is famous for its emphasis on daily practicality, high quality and low price, and its minimalist design creates classic items for people’s daily wear. The brand adopts supermarket style self-service shopping. By 2020, UNIQLO has more than 2300 stores around the world.)
  • gap (gap (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-690-5151, gap was founded in the United States in 1969. It is a world-renowned fast fashion clothing brand. It entered China in 2010 and started with jeans series. It is a professional business focusing on the design, production and sales of clothing and accessories. Gap has always adhered to reshaping classics, interpreting exquisite American style, and advocating bold, simple and real fashion culture. Its products mainly include clothing and accessories for adults, women, children and infants.)
  • gap official flagship store > Introduce the brand >
  • Desha deesha (Jiangsu Desha Princess Cultural Industry Co., Ltd.)
  • (0514-8576-1901, Desha was founded in 2009, an original brand designed specifically for girls. With “every girl is a princess” As the brand concept, with the theme of inheriting fashionable and simple style, we are committed to creating noble, exquisite and elegant Princess element series clothing. Products include dresses, coats, sweaters, trousers and other children’s wear series. At present, Disha has more than 10 e-commerce platforms and more than 40 offline physical stores.)
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  • pawinpaw (Yilian fashion (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)
  • (pawinpaw is a children’s clothing brand under South Korea Yilian group. It entered the Chinese market in 2006 and focuses on providing comfortable and lovely clothes for children aged 2-11. Pawinpaw takes relaxed and free bears with various styles as its shape, and the commodity colors are mainly soft light colors, reflecting exquisite quality, bringing children lively, active and free space.)
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Enter to view the complete list. The list of brands above the list is obtained by the cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection, collation, big data statistical analysis and research. It is sorted in no order and is only provided for your reference. Vote for my favorite children’s wear brands List of well-known (famous) children’s wear brands (2022): including top ten children’s wear brands + gxg Kids, maladin m.latin, 361 ° kids, Disney Baby, special step children xtepkids, Li Ning young, Bosideng, Adidas Adidas, FILA FILA, teenieweenie, Michele me& Citykids more brands

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conclusion the brand grade is obtained by cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection and sorting, and based on big data statistics and artificial analysis and research according to the changes of market and parameter conditions. It is the real and objective result of big data, cloud computing and data statistics. It’s not accreditation, competitive ranking, commendation and selection, or evaluation and comparison. Enterprises can apply for declaration freely or be collected by cn10/cnpp brand data research department. It’s sorted in no order, and it’s only for your reference.

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